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Professional photo recovery software

At least for now, accidental deletion is the most common reason for Windows hard disk photo loss. Well, when users have emptied the recycle bin after they had deleted some photos on Windows computer by accident, what should they do to recover accidentally deleted photos? There are mainly two situations.
1. If users had backed up these photos in advance before accidental deletion and the photo backups haven't been damaged yet, users can complete deleted photo recovery directly by resorting to corresponding photo backups.
2. If users have no photo backup at hand, the best way for them to recover accidentally deleted photos is to stop writing new data to computer hard disk partition, and then turn to MiniTool Photo Recovery, a piece of professional photo recovery software.

Professional photo recovery software – MiniTool Photo Recovery

In fact, MiniTool Photo Recovery is a piece of professional photo recovery software with strong practicability. It can not only be compatible with almost all Windows operating systems, but also give support for deleted photo recovery in partitions with various file systems: such as FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS and NTFS5. Moreover, it can also recover accidentally deleted photos from hard disk, mobile phone, SD card, U disk, and so on storage devices.

How to recover accidentally deleted photos on Windows by using MiniTool Photo Recovery

The operations of using MiniTool Photo Recovery – the professional photo recovery software to complete deleted photo recovery on Windows computer are very simple. Users only need to follow the following steps.

Operating steps of deleted photo recovery:

First of all, users need to download and install MiniTool Photo Recovery – the professional photo recovery software on Windows computer through paying a visit to website: http://www.minitool.com. Then, users should run professional photo recovery software at the end of installation to see its main interface. After entering the main interface, users are supposed to click "Start" button to fully scan the hard disk partition where photo loss emerges by resorting to the detailed prompts. Afterwards, users will see the following interface:


This is actually the photo recovery interface of MiniTool Photo Recovery. Here, users can find desired photos through filter or preview. When all desired photos are found out, users need to check them all at first. Then, click "Save" button to enter the photo storage interface, in which users are expected to specify a safe location for photo storage under the guidance of software. At last, users have completed all operations to recover accidentally deleted photos on Windows computer after photo storage operations have been finished by professional photo recovery software.

Are important photos stored on Windows computer deleted by accident? Is the partition with important photos formatted by accident? When meeting such problems, users needn't become panic. Instead, they can count on MiniTool Photo Recovery – the powerful and professional photo recovery software.