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Android data recovery APK

When you delete your Android files by mistake, you may want to use an Android data recovery APK to get the deleted files back. But, is the Android data recovery APK useful and available for you to make Android data recovery? Find the answer in this post.

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When Android data loss issue happens, what do you think of it first? Absolutely, you want to get those lost or deleted Android data back. To solve this issue, you had better use a piece of third-party Android data recovery tool.

Here, you may consider using an Android data recovery APK (Android Package Kit). But, how much do you know about this kind of Android file recovery APP? Do you know how to choose a proper Android data recovery APK? Is there any other choice for you to recover your deleted Android data in addition to an Android file recovery APK?

Now, you can read the following parts to get the answers.

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Do You Want to Recover Deleted Files Android? Try MiniTool

Do you want to recover deleted files Android? This powerful and professional software, MiniTool Mobile Recovery for Android, can be used to solve such an issue.

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Part 1: Two Types of Android Data Recovery APK in the Market

When you search recover deleted files android APK on the internet, you will find that there are two types of Android file recovery APK which focus on different situations. Here, we will make a brief introduction of these two types.

Type 1: Restore Data from Your Android Device Directly

Installed on your Android device, this type of Android data recovery APK can recover your lost and deleted data from Android device and the recovered files will be back to your Android device directly.

Here is one representative: Wondershare Android Data Recovery.

After downloading, installing and opening this APK, you can see that it has four Android data recovery functions: Recycle Bin, Photos and Videos Recovery, Messages Recovery and Contacts Recovery.

Main features:

Recycle Bin is just like the Recycle Bin on your Windows. If you want to recover the deleted photos and videos of the last 30 days, you can use this function.

The rest three functions require you to root your Android device in advance. In addition, Photo and Videos Recovery is available in the Free Edition, but Messages Recovery and Contacts Recovery modules are unavailable in the Free Edition.


The supported data types are limited to photos, videos, messages and contacts. If you want to recover some other kinds of Android files, this Android data recovery APK is unavailable.

As to Photos and Videos Recovery, you are able to check the file extensions.

But, if you pick more than three file extensions, this Android data recovery APK will show you a warning which reminds you that This may affect the stability of the scanning process. Thus, the stability of this kind of APK is debatable.

In the field of data recovery, it is recommended to save the recovered files to another path rather than the original path to prevent the deleted files from being overwritten. If the deleted files are overwritten by new ones, they will become unrecoverable.

But, this kind of Android data recovery APK will save the recovered files to its original location. This may overwrite the deleted Android files.

Type 2: Restore Android Data from the Previous Backup

The other kind of Android data recovery APK is able to restore your lost and deleted Android data from the backup file. Here, the backup file should be made by this Android data recovery APP. Deleted Phone Data Recovery is such an APK.

Main features:

This Android file recovery APP has two functions: Backup and Restore. Backup function can back up your selected Android data to your Android device to keep them safe. Then, if Android data loss issue happens, you can use the Restore function to retrieve them.

The supported backup and restore data types are various, including SMS, contacts, call logs, Bookmarks, and more.


It will be too late to install this Android file recovery APK after you delete the Android data by mistake because there is no available backup file.

The recovered files will be saved to your Android device directly. This may overwrite other deleted items and cause them unrecoverable.

Now you know the features and disadvantages of these two kinds of recover deleted files android APK. Then, when Android data loss issue happens, you can choose one tool according to your own situation.

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However, you can see that all Android data recovery APPs have one common disadvantage: the recovered Android files may overwrite other deleted Android files to cause them become unrecoverable.

So, your best choice is to save the recovered items to another path. For example, you can recover the deleted Android files to your computer. In this situation, you should use a special Android data recovery tool PC Version.

You can search this kind of programs on the internet. Then, you will discover that there are many

In the next part, we will give you a recommendation. Please read on.

Part 2: Android Data Recovery Tool PC Version

There are many Android data recovery software in the market. Which one is the best? In this post, we recommend you to use the professional MiniTool Mobile Recovery for Android.

This software offers you two powerful recovery modules: Recover from Phone module allows you to retrieve deleted Android data from your Android phone and tablet; and Recover from SD-Card module enables you to restore data from your Android SD card.

And the most important thing is that the recovered Android files will be saved on your computer.

Besides, the data types this Android data recovery software can retrieve are various, such as SMS, contacts, photos, videos, contacts, call logs, music files, WhatsApp messages, and more.

For you who have never used this software before, we suggest you using its Free Edition to have a try first because this free program allows you to retrieve 10 pieces of one type of deleted Android data each time. Here, you should know that this software can be run on Windows 10/8.1/8/7.

Free Download

Now, you must want to know: is this tool really useful to recover deleted Android data? To make you better understand this software, we will show you how to use its two recovery modules to find your deleted Android files.

Module 1: Recover Deleted Files from Android Internal Memory Directly

If you want to recover your deleted Android data from Android internal memory, you should use the Recover from Phone module.

To make this recovery module work smoothly, you should pay attention to the following matters:

  • Please root your Android device in advance to allow this software to detect your Android data in the internal memory.
  • Before using this Android data recovery tool, you need to close any other Android management software. Otherwise, this tool may fail to work.
  • Please stop using your Android device as soon as possible, because any new data may overwrite the deleted items and cause them unrecoverable.

Then, it’s time to show you the detailed steps to use this Android file recovery software to get your deleted Android data back.

Step 1: Download and install this software on your computer. Then, you can open it to enter its main interface as follows. Next, click on Recover from Phone module to continue.

choose Recover from Phone

Step 2: When you see this interface, just connect your Android device to your computer. Then, this software will recognize and analyze your Android device automatically.

connect the Android device to PC

Here are two things you should pay attention to:

If you haven’t enabled USB debugging on your Android device, you will enter the following interface which tells you the steps to enable this setting for different Android versions. Please choose the corresponding version in this interface and follow the steps to complete this setting.

enable USB debugging

If you see this interface, you should pick up your Android device and tap OK on it. If you are using your personal computer, we also recommend you to check Always allow from this computer option before tapping OK.

Then, next time, you will skip this step when you use this computer to recover data from the same Android device. But, if this is not your own computer, you should not check this option to protect your Android data.

allow USB debugging

Step 3: Next you will enter the following interface. Here, you can see two scan modes.

With Quick Scan, you are able to recover your deleted text data such as contacts, messages, call history, and WhatsApp messages & attachments. Actually, when you select this scan mode, these four data types will be checked by default and you can uncheck some types accordingly.

With Deep Scan, you can scan the entire Android device and recover more files. When you choose this scan mode, all of the file types will be checked and you are not allowed to uncheck some of the data types manually. This scan method will take a long time, please wait.

Just choose one mode according to your own need and click on Next button.

choose a proper scan method

Step 4: When the scanning process is finished, you will enter this scanning result interface. In this interface, the Android files will be listed in categories. You can choose one type and view its items then. After that, you can choose the files you want to retrieve and click on Recover button.

check the files you want to recover

Step 5: There will be a pop-out window. Here is a default storage path in this window, and you can directly press Recover button to save these selected items. Of course, you can click on Browse button to choose another location on your computer to save them.

choose a proper path to save the selected files

Finally, your deleted Android files are saved to your computer, and you can use them directly.

Compared with Android data recovery APK, MiniTool Mobile Recovery for Android can save your deleted Android files to your computer and this operation will not overwrite the deleted data on the Android device.

Besides, this Android file recovery tool PC Version can recover more types of data. It is really a good choice to do Android data recovery. If you like this software, you can share it with your friends.

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Here is one more thing you should pay attention to: if you want to recover your deleted Android data without limitations, you can choose to upgrade this free software to an advanced version.

Module 2: Recover Data from Android SD Card

In some cases, you want to recover deleted data from the Android SD card. Here, MiniTool Mobile Recovery for Android can also do this job for you. Here, you need to use Recover from SD-Card module. Of course, you can try the Free Edition at first.

Free Download

Step 1: Insert your Android SD card into the SD card reader and then connect it to your computer. After that, open the software and select Recover from SD-Card module from the main interface.

choose Recover from SD-Card

Step 2: Then, you will enter the interface as follows. Just select the target SD card and press Next button to start the scanning process.

click on Next

Step 3: Then, this software will show you the scanning result. Next, you can choose the files you want to retrieve and click on Recover to save them.

check the files you want to recover

Then, you can view these recovered items on the specified storage path.

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Still, an advanced version of this software will enable you to recover your deleted Android data without limitations. You can get such an edition from the MiniTool official site.

As a matter of fact, MiniTool also offers other software to recover data from Android SD card, such as MiniTool Power Data Recovery and MiniTool Photo Recovery. When you are facing Android SD data loss issue, you can also try these two programs.

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Part 3: Bottom Line

In this post, we show you two types of Android data recovery APK about their features and disadvantages.

By comparison, it seems that an Android data recovery APP is not so powerful since the supported data types are limited and it may overwrite the deleted files on your Android device.

Then, we suggest using an Android data recovery tool PC version to retrieve your Android data. MiniTool Mobile Recover for Android is a good option. With it, you can retrieve data from your Android phone & tablet and SD card and save them on your computer.

As to Android SD card recovery, you can also choose to use MiniTool Power Data Recovery and MiniTool Photo Recovery. These programs can recover more types of Android data and don’t overwrite the deleted files on your Android device.

Should you have any problems when you are using our software, you can write an email and send it to our official email box [email protected]. Or, you can just leave your issues on the following comment bar. We will reply you as soon as possible.

At the same time, you can share your good ideas and solutions with us here. Much appreciated!

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