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5 Specific Methods to Recover Deleted Contacts on iPhone

iPhone Contacts Disappeared!

contact icon Contact on iPhone records a person's social information including name, phone number, mail box, address, and more. It plays a vital role in your daily life for you rely on it to keep in touch with the relatives, friends, colleagues and clients by calling them, sending messages and emails, or posting something. To avoid the loss of iPhone contacts, you must take good care of the contacts all the time.

However, accidents are unpredictable. Perhaps, you deleted the contacts accidentally, or your iPhone contacts disappeared after iOS upgrading (See: How to Recover Data after iOS upgrading) or restoring your iPhone to factory settings (See: How to Recover iPhone Data after Restoring to Factory Settings). And the matter might be even worse: you dropped your iPhone into water by accident. In most cases, you even didn't know the exact cause of iPhone contacts disappeared. Please see the following real life example:

iPhone Contacts Disappeared Issues
I'm not too sure as to what I did (I'm guessing it's the new update or I messed around with the syncing thing) but somehow my contact got wiped off. When I open the contact app it says "no contact" and there are random numbers in the message app…

Source: discussions.apple.com

If you don't have the special power to keep all contacts into your mind, your life will fall into a mess for a long time once you lose the contacts on iPhone. Some of you may just accept this cruel reality and give up the opportunity to restore contacts on iPhone for you thinking the iPhone contacts recovery is a long and complex process. But the reality is not like this. The following tutorials will lead you to restore iPhone contacts easily, reliably and accordingly.

How to Restore iPhone Contacts

method 1 Method 1: Restore iPhone Contacts from iCloud.com

It is quite possible that you delete contacts on iPhone by mistake. But as long as you are sure that the deleted iPhone contacts are included in the previous iCloud backup file, you can apply this method to restore them to your iPhone.

Step 1. Open iCloud.com, sign into it with your Apple ID and password, and click "Setting" at the lower-right side to enter the setting interface.

Step 2. Click "Restore Contacts" from the lower-left side "Advanced" section to continue.

Step 3. You will get a pop-out window as below. All available iCloud versions will be listed in this window with their archived date and time. Here all you need to do is select the version contains the contacts you want and click "Restore" to start restoring process.


Step 4. Continue to operate as the wizard let you do, and at last click "Done" to complete this restoring process.

Tip: When you restore from an earlier version, the version that you select will replace the existing contacts on all your iOS devices. At the same time, your current contacts will be archived. So, you are allowed to reverse the restore by repeating the above four steps.

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method 2 Method 2: Restore iPhone Contacts from a Backup

Frankly speaking, this method is applicative if you lost all data on iPhone. Otherwise the backup files will replace the existing data on your iPhone. You can read this post: Restore your iPhone from a backup to get the specific steps.

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Obviously, method 1 and method 2 can assist you to get deleted contacts back. But there are some limitations: both method 1 and method 2 don't give you the right to choose the ones you want to recover. However, sometimes you don't need to recover all contacts in the backup. In addition, as for method 2, the selected iTunes or iCloud backup will replace all the current data on your iPhone, which is really unnecessary most of the time unless you lost all your data on your iPhone.

You might be wondering:

Is there other method which can break these limitations?

The answer is YES!

Those years, the demands for restoring iPhone contacts as well as other types of data are increasing. So pieces of iPhone data recovery software merge as remedy tools. Among all these software, MiniTool Mobile Recovery for iOS is an outstanding representative. Then, just move to method 3 to get the details.

method 3 Method 3: Restore iPhone Contacts by Using MiniTool Mobile Recovery for iOS

MiniTool Mobile Recovery for iOS is a professional iPhone data recovery program which can be used to recover various types of data including iPhone contacts. The Windows version is designed for Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP and the Mac version is available for Mac OS X 10.6 and the above versions. As for iPhone contacts recovery, this software supports recovering 10 pieces of contacts each time free. So you can download and install this Free Edition on your computer to have a try first.

Windows download Mac download

This software offers three recovery modules: "Recover from iOS Device", "Recover from iTunes Backup File", and "Recover from iCloud Backup File". These three modules have their own advantages. And you can visit the User Manual to learn more details.

As for iPhone contacts recovery, please refer to the following specific operations:

Way 1: Recover Contacts from iPhone

It's possible that you don't form a habit to make a backup regularly. Once the iPhone contacts disappeared accidently, you are unable to recover them through method 1 and method 2. But with MiniTool Mobile Recovery for iOS, you can recover them as long as they are not damaged or overwritten by new data.

Step 1. Connect your iPhone to computer first, and then open MiniTool Mobile Recovery for iOS Free Edition. You iPhone will be displayed on the main interface automatically. Then click "Scan" to continue.

Step 2. When the scanning process is finished, all the scanned data will be listed on the results window. Skim and choose "Contacts" from the left list bar and you will get the scanned contacts including existing and lost/deleted on the middle of the window. Choose the ones you want to retrieve and click "Recover" on the lower-right to enter the next step.

recover from ios devices

Tip: You are allowed to preview the contacts: just click one contact and the detail information will be shown on the right side. tip

Step 3. In this step, you will get a pop-out window. Just click "Browse" to select a proper storage path on the second pop-out window, and click "Recovery" to save them. On the final pop-out window, you can click "View Result" to check the restored iPhone contacts directly.

popout windows

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Way 2: Recover iPhone Contacts from iTunes Backup File

If you have made an iTunes backup before the contacts disappeared, you can apply this recovery module to get them back. But at first, you should make sure that you have installed the latest iTunes version on your computer.

Notice! If the deleted important contacts are included in your previous iTunes backup and iCloud backup at the same time, please give priority to "Recover from iTunes Backup File".

Step 1. Open MiniTool Mobile Recovery for iOS Free Edition to enter the main interface and click "Recover from iTunes Backup File" from the top recovery modules list. Then all the iTunes back files on the computer will be displayed on the interface. Select the relevant one which contains the deleted important contacts and click "Scan" to continue.

1. You are able to choose the right iTunes backup file by judging from the "Name" and "Latest Backup Data" of each backup.
2. If the iTunes backup file you want to use is not listed in the interface, you can click the blue icon "Select" and choose the iTunes backup file manually from other paths to recover your contacts.

Step 2. When the scanning process is finished, you will get the scan result as following. Click "Contacts" from the left list, and all the contacts including existing and lost/deleted will be displayed on the middle of the interface. Select the ones you want to recover, click the lower right side icon "Recover" and do as the wizard told you to do.

recover from itunes backup

At last, the selected contacts will be stored into the specified path.

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Way 3: Recover iPhone Contacts from iCloud Backup File

If you are sure that the deleted contacts are stored in the previous iCloud backup files, you can use this way to recover your iPhone contacts.

Notice! Due to the limitation of iCloud backup, MiniTool Mobile Recovery for iOS is not allowed to get iCloud backup files of iOS 9 or latter version.

Step 1. Open the software and click "Recover from iCloud Backup File" from the top three recovery modules list. Then type your Apple ID and password and click "Sign In" to continue.

recover from icloud backup

Step 2. The available iCloud backup files will be listed on this interface. If there are two or more iCloud backup files on this interface, you can choose the relevant one by judging from the "Name", "Latest Backup Data" and "File Size". Then move the cursor the corresponding "None" and you will get a blue "DownLoad" icon. Click it to continue.


Step 3. In this step, you will get a pop out window. For you are planning to recover iPhone contacts only, just click "Contacts" and "Confirm" to get the next interface.

choose contacts

Step 4. Different from the result interfaces of way 1 and way 2, this interface will just display the downloaded contacts. Choose the ones you want to restore and click "Recover". Then, the following operations are similar to step 3 of way 1.

download result

There is one more thing you should notice: there are some functional limitations in MiniTool Mobile Recovery for iOS Free Edition. You are able to recover 10 contacts each time by using this Free Edition. To break the limitations, you can choose to buy the advanced edition.

Buy NowBuy Now

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The Way to Import the Restored Contacts into Your iPhone

You may notice that these three recovery modules just help you to save contacts to computer. Then you may want to know how to import these contacts to your iPhone. Actually, you can make it through iCloud.com. But first, you should make sure that you have set iCloud to archive iPhone contacts automatically.

Then, the specific steps are as following:

Sign in to iCloud.com, click the "Contact" icon and you will enter the contact interface. There is an icon like this set icon on the lower-left side. Click it and you will get a list as below. Select "Import vCard" and import the contacts saved in the storage path. Then the stored contacts will be shown in the iCloud.com and your iPhone synchronously.


So far, you can discover that with MiniTool Mobile Recovery for iOS, you can retrieve deleted contacts on iPhone easily and effectively.(BTW, Maybe you like it : How to iport phone contact from Gmail

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method 4 Method 4: Restore iPhone Contacts through a Cloud Service

If you are using Google Contacts, and the deleted iPhone contacts are included in it, you can also restore your deleted iPhone contacts by setting your iPhone to sync with Google contacts.

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method 5 Method 5: Import Contacts through SIM Card

iPhone doesn't allow you to store contacts into your SIM card, but you are still able to copy the contacts from a SIM card from your old phone to your iPhone. This method is available in case that you are sure the deleted contacts are stored in the old SIM card, or you discover that there are no contacts after you insert the SIM card from an old phone to your iPhone.

The steps are simple. Just tap "Settings" > "Mail, Contacts, Calendars" > "Import SIM Contacts" > "On my iPhone" and then the contacts stored in the SIM card will be import to your iPhone directly.

import from SIM card

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Some Useful Suggestions

From the above introduction, you can notice the importance of making and updating backup files. In general, backup files are used to restore the original data after its loss. Data overwritten is happening all the time. If you can't recover the lost data from your iPhone by using a third party software, you still can recover them through a previous backup file. For instance, you can recover data from water damaged iPhone as long as there is/are available backup file(s).

Besides, there are kinds of backup solutions at present. For iPhone contacts, iCloud backup and iTunes backup are the two common used methods. And you also can use a cloud service to record your contacts. Google contact is a good choice.

The backup technology becomes mature nowadays, and you can really rely on it to add a layer of security to your iPhone data.


Unlike other iPhone contacts recovery method, MiniTool Mobile Recovery for iOS allows you to restore your specific deleted important contacts on iPhone. Besides, it owns three recovery modules, and you can select the proper one according to your personal situation. Don't hesitate to apply this professional iPhone data recovery software once you are facing iPhone data loss next time.

If you have any ideas, suggestions, and comments, please feel free to leave them on the following comment zone.