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What Is Microsoft Power Automate?

In general, Power Automate is a Microsoft service that can help you create automated workflows between your favorite apps and services to synchronize files, collect data, get notifications, and many more.

By recording mouse clicks, keystrokes, as well as copy-paste steps of repetitive manual tasks from your desktop, you will save pretty much time and energy. You can take advantage of Power Automate to automate your manual and repetitive processes so that you can focus on higher-value tasks. It is a unique service that you can use to unify cloud services, desktop apps, and legacy systems.

MS Power Automate Examples

The following are a few examples showing what you can do with Power Automate.

  • Move business data between systems on a schedule.
  • Connect to more than 500 data sources or any publicly available API.
  • Automate business processes.
  • Send automatic reminders for past due tasks.
  • Automate tasks on your local computer like computing data in Excel.
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Power Automate Targeted Users

No matter who you are, a novice or a professional IT administrator; no matter what industry you come from, banking, retail, manufacturing, insurance, healthcare, or something else, you can take advantage of Power Automate’s no-code/low-code and drag-and-drop platform to create automated processes.

Types of Flow in Power Automate

Generally, there are three kinds of flow in Power Automate.

#1 Desktop Flows

Desktop flows are used to automate tasks on the desktop or Web. Relying on Power Automate Desktop, you can automate tasks on the desktop and the Web. Also, you are able to create desktop flows using Windows recorder (V1) and Selenium IDE.

#2 Cloud Flows

Cloud flows enable your automation to be triggered automatically, instantly, or via a schedule.

  • Automated flow: create automation that is triggered by an event.
  • Instant flow: start automation with a click of a button. You can automate repetitive tasks from your desktop or mobile devices.
  • Scheduled flow: schedule automation like daily data upload cloud drive.

#3 Business Process Flows

Business process flows offer a guide for users to get work done. They provide a streamlined user experience that guides you through the processes their organization has defined for interactions that need to be advanced to a conclusion of some kind.

That user experience can be tailored. Therefore, users with different security roles can have an experience that best suits the work they do.

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Features of Power Automate

Streamline repetitive tasks and paperless processes so you can focus your attention where it is needed most.

# Automate Quickly and More Securely

Empower all users to build automated processes with flows. Use low-code, drag-and-drop tools and hundreds of pre-built connectors that automate repetitive, mundane tasks easily.

# Boost Efficiency

Record and visualize your end-to-end processes with a process advisor, offering guided recommendations for creating flows and deep insights that take the guesswork out of what to automate.

# Enhance Workflows with AI

Make your automation even smarter with AI Builder. Quickly process forms adopting document automation, process approvals, detect images and text, or create with prebuilt models.

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