Xbox is a video gaming brand created and owned by Microsoft and gains admiration from a bunch of young people. But sometimes people will encounter the 0x87e11838 Xbox error code and know nothing about it. Under this condition, this article on MiniTool Website will tell you how to get rid of the error.

0x87e11838 Xbox Error Code

Every time when you find the error 0x87e11838 occurs you can check your Internet first. It is well-known how important it is to perform a game in a good Internet environment.

Besides, when the Xbox server is down, you will fail to access Xbox; under this circumstance, the only thing you can do is just wait.

The factors leading to the error code 0x87e11838 on Xbox are easily handled. You just need to troubleshoot them one by one and no more error occurs.

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Fix 0x87e11838 Xbox Error Code

There are four methods to fix the 0x87e11838 Xbox error code and you choose them according to your situation.

Method 1: Check the Internet Connection

It is easy to check your Internet performance. You can try your other devices to see if they can perform well. Or you can test the network speed by following the next steps.

Step 1: Press the Xbox button located on the controller.

Step 2: Go to Profile & system in the guide.

Step 3: Then choose General in Settings and then Network settings.

Step 4: Select Test network speed & statistics to check your Internet performance.

If the result turns out that the culprit is your poor Internet connection, you can try the following methods to improve it.

  1. Disconnect and reconnect your Internet.
  2. Change to a place with a better signal.
  3. Restart your router and modem.
  4. Check if there is any physical damage on the cable.
  5. Use Ethernet.

Method 2: Restart the Xbox Console

If you find the Internet performs well, you can try to restart the Xbox console.

Step 1: Press and hold the Xbox button until the Power Center page is opened.

Step 2: Select the Restart console option.

Then you can check if the issue has been gone.

Method 3: Check Xbox Server Status

Make sure the Xbox server run well. Sometimes you may miss the maintenance notification issued by the official. During that period, you are not allowed to enter Xbox.

You can check the status by accessing the official Xbox support site, where you can see the live status for different Xbox services.

Method 4: Clear Xbox Cache

If the above methods have been proved useless, you can try this one.

Step 1: Make sure no power cable is connected.

Step 2: Press and hold the Xbox button for about 10 seconds to shut down the console.

Step 3: After the console shuts down, touch the Xbox button on the console again to restart.

Step 4: After five minutes, plug in the power cord or power cable again and wait for all the lights to return to their normal state.

Method 5: Delete Locally Saved Data

If the data stored locally by your Xbox console is corrupted, 0x87e11838 Xbox error code can happen. Therefore, you can try to delete locally saved data to check if the issue can be fixed.

Step 1: Press the Xbox button to open a guide menu.

Step 2: Then follow the path:

Profile & system > Settings > System > Storage

Step 3: Choose the Local saved games option.

Then you can choose to delete unnecessary data in it.

Bottom Line:

You can try the above methods to get rid of the 0x87e11838 Xbox error code. I hope this article can be useful for you. May you have a good day.

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