Now Microsoft has a new answer to the automatically downloaded Windows 10 updates that are not compatible with the machine, which is Windows 10 can automatically uninstall botched Windows updates without requiring user interaction. Let’s go to see how it works.

Startup Problems May be Caused by Windows Updates

As is well known, system boot problems are one of the most frustrating issues that you may experience. If you are doing very important work, accidentally the PC cannot work normally, how annoyed you are!

In this case, one of the big issues for you is that you have only a few options at your disposal to fix the problem: using the Windows built-in troubleshooting options, recovery disks or tools, or restoring the system from a backup if you have one.

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Updates can be the major reason for startup problems, causing blue screen or other startup related issues that prevent the OS from booting. Because of various reasons, for example, software and driver compatibility issues, Windows updates are vulnerable to hardware errors and mistakes. Sometimes, the updates may fail to install.

After installing a recent update, if your computer goes wrong with Windows problems and automatic recovery attempts are failed, Windows will automatically remove these buggy updates. This is a new feature in Windows 10 and it’s what we will show you today.

Windows 10 Can Automatically Uninstall Botched Windows Updates

In a new support document of Microsoft, this company has introduced a new interesting functionality in detail: installed updates causing startup issues and bugs preventing PC from booting will be automatically removed.

On the next successful start, Windows will inform you about this removal of updates with the following message: “We removed some recently installed updates to recover your device from a startup failure”.

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According to the support document, Windows will try to diagnose and resolve failures due to disk issues, invalid registry keys, system file corruption, etc. if it detects that your device fails to start up successfully.

If all these steps are not working, Windows will determine if the issue occurs after installing a recent driver or quality updates. If so, it will automatically uninstall buggy updates to restore the machine to a workable state. But Microsoft says this is only a last resort.

In the event Windows detects that an update has caused a startup failure, Microsoft says that Windows will automatically bock the problematic update from installing for the next 30 days to ensure your device can start up and continue running as expected.

During these 30 days, Microsoft and its partners will have a chance to investigate the failure and try to fix the issues. After 30 days, Windows will try to install the updates again. But this may mean that the issue will appear again if Microsoft hasn’t solved it in time.

Microsoft also says that if you believe that botched Windows updates should not be removed, you can go to manually install drivers and quality updates via the provided links by Microsoft to pages.

Warning: This new feature is only available in Windows 10 Insider Preview, build 18351 or later for Windows Insiders.

Final Words

By reading this news on Windows 10 can automatically uninstall system updates causing stability issues, you know Microsoft is doing its best to ensure that the part it can control will help mitigate intractable issues. Compatible and reliable Windows 10 is worth expecting.

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