Compared to the Brave browser, Firefox has been developed for many years and stands firm in this field. But Brave also wins people’s admiration with its special features and advanced technology. So, this article about Brave vs Firefox on MiniTool Website will give you a guide to choosing a suitable browser for you.

What Is Brave Browser?

Different from Firefox, the Brave browser is committed to safeguarding people’s privacy. In this browser, Brave browser can offer you a series of protective measures to avoid any tracking, malware, phishing, etc.

It is a young browser born for the hot topic – privacy protection, but some defects also exist. For that, the feature comparison between Brave and Firefox will show to you in the next part.

What Is Firefox Browser?

Firefox is a more mature browser. For this browser, a great advance has been made in protecting privacy. It is usually compared to Chrome. In term of security, Firefox performs better than Chrome but run slower and fewer features you can enjoy.

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They both can take effect in pursuing security and privacy but is Brave or Firefox more private and what are the differences between Brave and Firefox?

Feature Comparison between Brave vs Firefox

Brave vs Firefox in User Interface


In the Brave interface, statistics are displayed each time you open a new tab, including the number of trackers that have been blocked and others.

The whole interface has no other redundant information. Such an intuitive window can help you be better familiar with this browser.


The interface of Firefox is much similar to Chrome. If you are used to Chrome and prepared to change to a more private and secure browser, Firefox can be the prime one.

Brave vs Firefox in Performance

First of all, they have different rendering engines – for Firefox is Gecko and for Brave is Blink.

What may surprise users is that Brave performs faster than Firefox even though Firefox has developed longer. That’s because Brave will block all ads that will hamper the running speed to load faster. Load less content and, of course, take less time.

Brave’s browser is much heavier than Firefox in terms of actual memory consumption. Brave preloads various features and add-ons that make it use more memory; Firefox, on the other hand, allows you to decide which add-ons and extensions to load.

Brave vs Firefox in Data Sync

Both Firefox and Brave allow users to synchronize settings across multiple platforms. You can sync your data by logging in with your Firefox account on the desktop or mobile app.

Of course, Firefox can provide the same service. As for this feature, they are much the same.

Brave vs Firefox in Security and Privacy


Brave, like many other browsers, is built on Google’s Chromium open-source code but the difference lies in that it put more focus on privacy protection. It blocks trackers, scripts, and ads by default. When you use the Brave browser, the advertising area of your website appears blank.


Firefox blocks many third-party trackers, miners, and fingerprint trackers by default. Besides, Firefox does not block the display of ads when they are not in private browsing mode and that is a big difference from Brave.

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Bottom Line:

Whether Brave or Firefox, they have their advantages to attract their customers. With the upgraded consciousness of privacy, Brave tends to be a prime choice. But your demands are the first to consider. Hope this article about Brave vs Firefox can help you choose your favorite one.

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