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can’t install updates

If you see the Can’t install updates notification on your Windows 10 computer, you will see the Fix issues button on the Windows Update page in Settings. Why does this issue happen and how to fix it? You can read this post from MiniTool Software to get some useful information.

Can’t Install Updates and See the Fix Issues Button on Windows Update Page

After booting up your Windows 10 computer, you may receive an error message saying Can’t install updates. We weren’t able to install updates. If there is no close icon in the interface, you need to click the More info button, going to the Windows Update page to find more useful information.

can’t install updates

This is not the only method that Windows tells you there is a Windows update problem. When you using your Windows 10 computer, it can pop up notification from the bottom-right corner saying Can’t install updates. Select this message to fix. After clicking this message, you can also directly open the Windows Update page.

can’t install updates. Select this message to fix

The following screenshot is the Windows Update pages you will see if your computer can’t install updates. There is a message like this: We found some issues. Select this message to fix and finish updating, following a Fix issues button. Of course, you can also see the Fix issues button on the Windows Update page when you go to Start > Settings > Update & Security.

Fix issues button on Windows Update page

Click the Fix Issues Button to Continue

Why do you can’t install updates on your Windows 10 computer and see the Fix Issues button on the Windows Update page? How to fix this Windows 10 update problem? You can just click the Fix issues button to continue.

After clicking the Fix issues button, you will enter the Windows Update interface. After a while, you will see one of the following two messages:

  • Windows 10 isn't ready for your PC yet
  • What needs your attention

These are two different situations. You need to take different measures to fix the Windows update problem.

If You See Windows 10 Isn’t Ready for Your PC Yet

When you see Windows 10 isn’t ready for your PC yet, it usually means that you are using the most compatible Windows 10 version on your computer. The next Windows 10 version is not ready for your machine. You need to wait until the compatible updates are released. At that time, you will see the available updates list on the Windows Update page. After that, you can choose to stop Windows 10 update permanently or not.

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If You See What Needs Your Attention

You can also see a message saying What Needs Your Attention. But the following messages are diverse:

This PC Can’t be upgraded to Windows 10. No Action Is Needed

If you see This PC can’t be upgraded to Windows 10… No action is needed, you need to do nothing but just stay on the current Windows 10 version. When a compatible Windows 10 update is released, you can then perform a Windows 10 update.

this PC can’t be upgraded to Windows 10

Incompatible Privacy Settings

If you see a message about incompatible privacy settings, you need to change your privacy settings. You can go to Start > Settings > Privacy to change the settings as per your situation.

Incompatible App

Perhaps, the message you receive is about an incompatible app. If so, you can do these things to solve the issue.

incompatible app

Uninstall the app: if you don’t need to use that app, you can click the Uninstall button on the page to uninstall it from your computer. After that, the Windows 10 update should automatically refresh. If there are no other software compatibility problems, you will be able to successfully upgrade your Windows 10.

Manually uninstall the app: if you have closed the What needs your attention page, you can manually uninstall that app from your computer and then upgrade your Windows 10.

Update the app: First, you need to make sure that the network connection is enabled on your computer. Then, you need to click the Learn More link or the Update Instead link to visit an article that explains the compatibility issues. You can follow this article to update the app. After that, you can go back to the What needs your attention page and click the Refresh button to upgrade your Windows 10.

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These the things you can do when you receive Can’t install updates and see the Fix issues button on the Windows Update page. We hope these methods can help you solve your issue.

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