If you are using a Samsung/Acer/ASUS/Lenovo/Dell Chromebook, sometimes you may find it is not turning on. What should you do if your Chromebook won’t turn on? You come to the right place and you can find some simple and effective methods to fix the issue from this post offered by MiniTool.

Chromebook Not Turning on

When turning on your Chromebook, you may find the machine doesn’t respond. This is frustrating especially when you need it.

Then, you may ask “why won’t my Chromebook turn on”. Perhaps the machine doesn’t have enough power, there are some problems with the internal hardware, external hardware interferes wiht the Chromebook, etc.

Fortunately, you can easily fix the issue by following some ways below. Now, let’s see them.

Tip: These methods work on all Chrome OS devices regardless of the brand manufacturers (Lenovo, Samsung, Toshiba, Acer, ASUS, Dell, Google, HP, etc.)

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Solutions to Chromebook won’t turn on

How to fix your Chromebook that won’t turn on? There are 5 simple and effective ways you can try.

Charge the Chromebook

Firstly you need to make sure your Chromebook is charging. When the machine cannot turn on, perhaps it doesn’t have enough power.

Just go to look at the small LED lights near the charging port to check if the charger is connected properly. The color of the light varies depending on the vendor when charging the Chromebook.

You need to charge your machine for 3.5 hours and then try to turn it on again. If it is still not turning on, try another way.

Perform a Hard Restart

If your Acer/ASUS/HP/Dell/Lenovo/Toshiba/Samsung Chromebook won’t turn on, you can try to do a hard restart. This way can fix most cases where the Chromebook doesn’t power on. This way can clear the hardware of your Chromebook including the RAM and other caches that could block the OS from booting.

Just press the Refresh key and Power to restart the device.

Remove All Connected USB Devices

External device interference is a factor of Chromebook not turning on. If you have connected some devices to the USB ports of your machine, try to unplug them and start the system again. According to users, this operation is helpful to fix the issue.

Remove Apps from Google Chrome

If your Chromebook powers on but get a blank screen, you can try to remove any extensions and apps that have been installed or updated recently from Google Chrome. This may be because these extensions and add-ons cause compatibility problems, leading to Acer/HP/Samsung Chromebook not turn on.

Tip: How to remove extensions from your web browser? This post may be what you need – How to Remove Extensions from Chrome and Other Popular Browsers. Just do by following the ways in this article.

Contact Your Manufacturer

If your Chromebook still won’t turn on and it is under warranty, you can free get a professional service from the manufacturer. Just contact it and ask for help.

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Final Words

Samsung/HP/Asus/Acer Chromebook won’t turn on? Don’t worry and you can easily fix the issue. Just follow these solutions in this post and you can power on your machine again.

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