On July 17, Microsoft's vice president Tom Burt said that nearly 10,000 Microsoft users were suffered cyber attacks last year. In this article, I will explain who is attacking Microsoft users, which users have been attacked and how to avoid elections being attacked by cyber attacks.

Who Is Attacking Microsoft Users?

In his July 17 speech, Tom said that most of the nation-state attacks against Microsoft users came from Iran, North Korea, and Russia.

To be specific, Iran used cyber attacks through Holmium (also known as APT33) and Mercury, while North Korea used Thallium for cyber attacks, and cyber attacks from Russia were mainly done by Yttrium and Strontium (also called as APT 28).

Besides, these hacking organizations have caused extremely serious harm to the institutions of plenty of countries, especially Strontium. It has cyberattacks on several organizations in many countries through a variety of software and implants. In addition, Strontium is considered as an advanced persistent threat.

Tom said that cyberattacks continue to be a significant tool and weapon wielded in cyberspace. Therefore, strengthening against network attacks is essential.

Which Microsoft Users Suffered Cyber Attacks?

Microsoft said that around 84% of the nearly 10,000 nation-state attacks it detected targeted its enterprise customers, and only 16% of these attacks were aimed at home consumers and their personal email accounts.

In addition, Microsoft said that 781 notifications were notified using AccountGuard. This technology refers to a free security service to political campaigns, parties, and democracy-focused nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) across 26 counties that Microsoft offers for about a year. According to the data, 95% of attacks are targeted at US organizations. Therefore, organizations in the United States should pay special attention to whether they have been hacked.

Besides, the 2016 US presidential election and the previous French presidential election were both attacked, and the European elections in the first half of this year were also attacked.

Cyber ​​attacks cause a lot of trouble for these organizations because these hacker organizations can get intelligence through them. And some losses may be irreparable.

How to Avoid Election from Cyber Attacks?

The 2020 US election is coming. Due to the development of the Internet, most people use the Internet to vote. This gives the hacker organizations supported by the state a chance to wait until the election. So how to avoid being attacked?

On July 17, Microsoft demonstrated a new product - ElectionGuard, designed to defend the democratic program in order to protect the voting process and ensure fair voting results. ElectionGuard is a free software for encrypting voting machines with three core features:

  1. People can vote directly on the Microsoft Surface screen in order to facilitate more people to vote. And there is no need to design a voting machine for the disabled.
  1. After the vote is over, there will be a tracking code to enter the website to confirm the success of the vote and whether it has been changed. And the final result of the vote allows anyone to use the verifier software to ensure that the vote is not manipulated.
  2. For users who use paper voting, ElectionGuard will print their votes in a printed form. After the vote is successful, they can be verified through the portal to ensure that their vote has not been changed.
Tip: Network attacks can easily cause data loss, so backing up important data on a regular basis can reduce a lot of trouble. If the data is lost, you can also use recovery software for data recovery.
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