This post introduces Hoxx VPN and offers instructions for how to download Hoxx VPN for Chrome, Firefox, Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, etc.

Hoxx VPN

Hoxx VPN is a free VPN service that can be used by everyone. It offers over 100 servers all over the world. It helps you unblock websites with ease, protect your internet privacy, Hide your IP address, and protect you away from malicious websites. You can use this free VPN to access various websites like Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Tumblr, and more. No bandwidth restrictions.

Check how to download Hoxx VPN for Chrome, Firefox, Windows 10/11 PC, Mac, Android, iOS, Edge, Linux, etc. The installation process is quite simple and all you need is a valid free Hoxx VPN account to start using Hoxx VPN.

Get Hoxx VPN Extension for Chrome

If you are seeking a free VPN for Chrome browser to unblock and access your favorite websites, you can install the Hoxx VPN extension for Chrome. It comes with a free Chrome VPN proxy.

  • Open Chrome Web Store in your Chrome browser.
  • Serach for Hoxx VPN in Chrome Web Store.
  • When you get to the Hoxx VPN Proxy extension page, you can click Add to Chrome and click Add extension to add this VPN extension to your Chrome browser all at once.
  • Then you can click the Hoxx VPN extension icon in Chrome to open this VPN. Select a server location to start using this VPN.

Add Hoxx VPN Proxy to Firefox Browser

  • Hoxx VPN Proxy is also available for the Firefox browser. To get this VPN extension for the Mozilla Firefox browser, you can open Firefox. Go to to access the Firefox add-ons store.
  • Search for Hoxx VPN in the Firefox add-ons store.
  • Click Add to Firefox to install this extension with one click.

Download Hoxx VPN for Windows 10/11 PC

  • You can also download and install the Hoxx VPN desktop app for your Windows computer. You can go to and click the Download button to access the Hoxx VPN download center. You can also directly go to to open its download center.
  • Here you can see Hoxx VPN is available for Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and Linux. To download Hoxx VPN for PC, you can click the Download button under Windows.
  • You can see Hoxx VPN offers two versions of the desktop client. Select your preferred version to download it immediately.
  • After it finishes downloading, you can click its setup exe file to follow the instructions to install Hoxx VPN on your PC.

Hoxx VPN Free Download for Mac

  • To get this VPN for Mac, you can also go to
  • Click the Download button under Mac OS.
  • Select a preferred version to download the dmg file of this VPN.
  • Click the downloaded installation file to install Hoxx VPN on Mac.

Tip: Version 0.4.0 requires you to sign in with login and password. All the versions 0.5.0 and up support only authocode. Registration is only possible from version 0.5.0 and up.

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Can You Install Hoxx VPN for Other Devices?

To get Hoxx VPN for Android, you can open Google Play Store and search for Hoxx VPN in the store. You can simply tap Install to download and install Hoxx VPN for your Android phone or tablet.

To get Hoxx VPN downloaded and installed for iPhone or iPad, you can open App Store to search for this VPN. Still, you can easily install this VPN with one click.

This VPN is also available for Microsoft Edge. You can open the official add-on store of the Microsoft Edge browser. Search for Hoxx VPN in the store to easily add this VPN extension for Edge.

Some Other Free VPN Services You May Like

There are many other free VPN services in the market. You may also try Hola VPN, Touch VPN, Turbo VPN, Windscribe VPN, Zenmate VPN, and more.

Bottom Line

This post introduces a free VPN service Hoxx VPN and offers a guide on how to download and install Hoxx VPN for Chrome, Firefox, Windows 10/11 PC, Mac, Android, iOS, etc. If you like this VPN, you can use it to access your favorite sites online.

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