You may like to set weak passwords for your accounts because they are easy to remember. However, they are not safe for your data and information because your accounts can be easily hacked. To reduce the risks, Google Chrome will introduce a new feature: passwords weakness check. Now, this feature is available in Chrome Canary. MiniTool Software will show you how to enable Google Chrome passwords weakness check in this post.

Passwords Weakness Check Is Now Available in Chrome Canary

Google Chrome is one of the world popular web browsers for Windows users. It is a safe browser because it has some safety check and guarantee features.

For example, it has a SafeSearch feature that can automatically filter harmful information from the search results. Besides, it also has a built-in virus scanner and you can use it to scan for viruses and malware on your computer. Till now, you find that it doesn’t have a passwords weakness check feature.

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Nowadays, most of you have a lot of accounts for use and you need to set passwords to keep your data and information safe. To make it is easier to remember the passwords, you may just set an easy password for your account. For example, it may be a series of continuous numbers or repeated numbers. It is easy to remind. But it is not safe.

At this time, you need a passwords weakness warning from your web browser to tell you your passwords are not safe. If you are using Google Chrome, you are lucky.

Google will introduce a new safety feature in the new version of Google Chrome. It is passwords weakness check – a new Chrome safety check.

However, this new feature is only available in Chrome Canary (which is also known as Chrome 89). That is, you may not find it in your Chrome unless you are using Chrome Canary.

You may cannot wait to use this new feature. If so, you can just go to the Chrome Canary download page to download and install this version on your computer. Then, you can enable Google Chrome passwords weakness check and enjoy this new feature.

In the following part, we will show you how to enable passwords weakness check on Chrome.

How to Enable Google Chrome Passwords Weakness Check?

  1. Download and install Chrome Canary on your computer.
  2. Open Chrome.
  3. Type chrome://flags in the address bar and press Enter to continue.
  4. Type weak in the Search flags box and press Enter.
  5. You will see two sections: Passwords weakness check and Safety check for weak passwords. Both of them are set as Default. To enable Google Chrome passwords weakness check, you need to set them as Enabled.
  6. Click the Relaunch button to re-open Google Chrome. The changes will be executed after you relaunch it.

enable passwords weakness check on Chrome

After Google Chrome passwords weakness check is enabled, it will detect the passwords you will set for your accounts and show you a warning if they are not safe enough.

We believe that this new feature will be released to the public Chrome version soon. At that time, your data and information will be safer.

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