Recently, quite a few Windows computers are attacked by a piece of new malware called Evil Extractor. In this post on MiniTool Website, we will introduce what this type of malware is and how does it influence your computer in detail.

What Is Evil Extractor?

Evil Extractor is a type of information-stealing malware that is designed to target Windows operating system and extract data from endpoint devices. Once installed on your computer, it can read and steal your data including browsing history, saved passwords, personal documents and so on. What’s worse, it can even install ransomware on computers that are vulnerable without any protection.

How Does Evil Extractor Infiltrate Your PC?

Usually, Evil Extractor can be distributed via phishing emails that appear to be legal account confirmation requests. These emails contain some compressed executable attachments. When you open them, it can exploit a base64-encoded PowerShell script to perform malicious activities.

The PowerShell script of Evil Extractor contains a list of modules as follows:

  • Anti-VM
  • Anti-Scanner
  • Anti-Sandbox
  • Steal data
  • Clear log
  • Date time checking
  • FTP server setting
  • Upload stolen data

These modules will download three additional Python components that are all executable:

  • – extracts cookies from your browsers like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox. At the same time, it also collects saved passwords and browsing history from more extensive set of programs.
  • – is a keylogger that records your keyboard inputs and saves them in a local folder without your knowledge.
  • – refers to a webcam extractor that can activate the webcam secretly, capture videos or images, and upload them to the FTP server.

How to Avoid to Install Malware Like Evil Extractor?

Since Evil Extractor is so harmful, you must try your best to avoid getting infected by it. Here are some small tips:

  • Always keep your operating system up to date.
  • Download files or programs from official websites and stores.
  • Scan your system with antivirus software regularly.
  • Update your antivirus software in time.
  • Don’t open emails or hit attachments sent by strangers.

Suggestion: Back Up Your Data on a Regular Basis

As mentioned earlier, Evil Extractor malware can attack your computer and steal your personal data, leading to data loss or system break down. When your system is crashed, you will need to reinstall your system.

Things will be much easier if you have created a system image and a copy of your important files. Speaking of backup, you can try a PC backup software – MiniTool ShadowMaker.

This free tool is designed to back up files, folders, systems, disks, and partitions on Windows machine. It is super easy to follow and even if you are not an expert in computer, you can also back up your data easily. Here, let’s see how to back up files with this tool with just a few steps:

Step 1. Download this tool and hit Keep Trial.           

Free Download

Step 2. In the Backup page, click on SOURCE > Folders and Files to tick the files you want to backup. Go to DESTINATION, and then you can choose a storage path for the backup images. Here, we recommend you to select an external hard drive or a USB flash drive as a destination path.

choose a destination path

Step 3. Click on Back Up Now to start the task immediately.

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Final Words

Evil Extractor is an information stealer that targets Windows machines. You need to download files or programs from reliable sources, scan your computer with antivirus software regularly, back up your system and data as precautions.

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