Why is Facebook Pay not working? The potential reasons might be internet connection, server status, the version of Facebook, the cache and more. If you are bothered by the same issue, welcome to find fix in this post on MiniTool Website.

Why Is My Facebook Pay Not Working 2021/2022?

Facebook Pay is a safe payment method which allows you to make payments on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp. However, it is reported that Facebook Pay is not working for unknown reasons. To help you get out of this, we find some possible causes and solutions for you.

How to Fix Facebook Pay Not Working 2022/2021?

Before looking for fixes, please make sure that your identity is verified by Facebook and Facebook Pay is available in your country. Facebook Pay needs to verify your identification at particular times as a regulated financial service.

Fix 1: Check Facebook Server Status

First, you need to know whether Facebook Pay not working is occurring on your end or on the server end. If the Facebook server is down, you can do nothing but wait for the news of Facebook support team. Click here to see if the server is under downtime.

Fix 2: Check Internet Connection

Another common cause of Facebook Pay not working is an unstable or slow internet connection. Turn off the internet and turn it back after a while to see if the internet works better. If your internet connection is fine and Facebook Pay is still pending, please try the next method.

Fix 3: Disable VPN

If you are using a VPN connection, Facebook Pay not working will also crop up. VPN may protect your network from third-party trackers but it also has some shortcomings. When you connect to servers in another country which is different from the location you live, Facebook services related to finance will require your actual action to verify your identity. If so, please disable VPN and then try to pay your bill via Facebook Pay.

Fix 4: Clear Facebook Cache

Chances are that Facebook Pay not working is caused by corrupted caches on Facebook. If you don’t clear y Facebook cache for a long time, follow the steps below:

Step 1. Open Facebook and go to Settings.

Step 2. Hit App management to find Facebook and hit it.

Step 3. Press Storage > Clear cache & Clear data.

Fix 5: Update Facebook

The old version of Facebook may have some bugs hence causing Facebook Pay stops working. To update Facebook, you need:

Step 1. Go to Settings > App management > Facebook.

Step 2. Hit Update if there is an update button available for you.

Fix 6: Restart Your Device

Rebooting your device will help to solve some temporary issues for you because it will also remove other temporary files and cache that impact Facebook Pay.

After rebooting your device, log into your Facebook account again to see if Facebook Pay not working is still there.

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