This post provides 4 possible ways to help you fix network protocol error Firefox. You can simply press Ctrl + F5 to refresh the webpage, clear cache in Firefox, etc. Check the details in this post. MiniTool Software provides users some free and useful computer software, as well as various computer tips and tricks.

If you meet the Network Protocol Error in your Firefox browser, you can try the 4 ways below to fix this issue.

4 Fixes for Network Protocol Error Firefox

Fix 1. Reload the Page

Some people say refreshing the webpage can sometimes fix Firefox network protocol error. To refresh the webpage you are trying to open, you can simply press Ctrl + F5 or Ctrl + Shift + R keyboard shortcut. This will force reload the page from the network server but not from the cache pot of Firefox. Check if the webpage can successfully load, if not, try other ways below to fix the issue.

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Fix 2. Clear Cache in Firefox

The network protocol error in Firefox might be caused by browser cache. You can try to clear all cached data in Firefox browser to see if it can help fix the issue. Check how to do it below.

  1. Launch Firefox browser.
  2. Click the three-line icon at the top-right corner and select Options.
  3. Click Privacy & Security in the left panel.
  4. Scroll down in the right window to click Clear Data button under Cookies and Site Data section.
  5. Check both “Cookies and Site Data” and “Cached Web Content” options, and click Clear button.
  6. Restart your Firefox browser and the webpage should load without the Network Protocol Error.

clear Firefox cache

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Fix 3. Start Firefox in Safe Mode

You can also try to start Firefox in Safe Mode to see if the problem can be solved. Check the steps below.

  1. Open Firefox browser.
  2. Click the three-line menu button at the upper-right corners and select Help.
  3. Click Restart with Add-ons Disabled option.
  4. Click Restart button and click Start in Safe Mode button to reopen Firefox in Safe Mode.
  5. Then try to open the web pages to see if they can be smoothly opened.

Some people say the Network Protocol Error issue is fixed after starting Firefox into Safe Mode and the error is gone after restarting Firefox to normal mode.

Fix 4. Troubleshoot Your Network Problems

You can also reset your router and modem and try some other solutions to troubleshoot network problems to see if the network protocol error of Firefox can be fixed.

Still, you can also try to restart your computer and relaunch Firefox browser to see if you can smoothly open the web pages.

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What Is Firefox Network Protocol Error?

You might wonder what the Firefox Network Protocol Error means. You can check the explanation below.

The Network Protocol Error means: Firefox has experienced a network protocol violation that cannot be repaired. It shows a message that the page you are trying to view cannot be shown because an error in the network protocol was detected. Some people might get a Corrupted Content Error message instead of the Network Protocol Error message. But both the two errors can use the same solutions to fix the problem.

Bottom Line

You can try the fixes above if you experienced a network protocol error in Firefox. For more computer tips and tricks, you can visit MiniTool News library.

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