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Windows 8.1 won’t update

Windows 8.1 update contains some features you prefer to use. If Windows 8.1 won’t update or Window 8.1 update failed, do you know how to fix the issue? In this post, MiniTool Software will introduce what you should do to perform a Windows 8.1 update when you encounter Windows 8.1 update problems.

Windows 8.1 Update and Windows RT 8.1 Update have some improvements that make you have better user experience. For example, the Windows search feature makes it is easier to find files and programs on your computer.

Usually, the system can automatically download and install the update on your computer. If Windows 8.1 won’t update, you need to take some measures to solve the issue. In this post, we will show you the things you can do to solve the issue.

Action 1: Check whether the Update Has Been Installed

If you can’t update Windows 8.1, you can go you check whether the update has been installed but you don’t know.

It is very easy to check this: you can go to the Start screen and check whether there is a Search button neat the account name (at the top-right side of the Start screen). If yes, it means that the Windows 8.1 Update has been installed because this Search feature is a new feature in Windows 8.1 Update.

Windows 8.1 Start screen

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Action 2: Manually Install Windows 8.1 Update

If the result shows that you are not using Windows 8.1 Update, you can manually update it. Windows 8.1 Update needs to use enough free space on your computer for installation:

  • Windows 8.1 (64-bit version): 2 GB
  • Windows 8.1 (32-bit version): 0.8 GB
  • Windows RT 8.1: 1.1 GB

If there is not enough space, you need to free up disk space on your computer.

Likewise, during the update process, you need to enable the internet connection and make sure the connection works normally during the whole process.

  1. Go to Settings > Change PC settings > Update and recovery > Windows Update.
  2. Click Check now.
  3. If there are available updates, you need to click View details to continue.
  4. Select the update that contains KB 2919355.
  5. Click Install.
  6. Enter your administrator password or confirmation if required. Then the update process will start.
  7. You need to wait until the whole installation process ends. After that, you need to restart your computer and check whether the update is successful.

Action 3: Download Windows 8.1 Update and Install It on Your PC

You can also use another method to manually get Windows 8.1 Update: you can first download the Windows 8.1 Disc Image (ISO File) and then install it on your computer:

1. Go to the Windows 8.1 download page.

2. Select the Windows 8.1 edition and click the Confirm button to continue.

select Edition

3. Select the language you want to use and click Confirm to continue.

select language

4. According to your situation, select 64-bit Download or 32-bit Download to start the downloading process.

select bit

5. Use the downloaded ISO file to install Windows 8.1 Update on your computer.

6. When the installation process ends, you need to restart your computer and check whether the installation is effective.

These are the things you should try when Windows 8.1 won’t update on your computer. We hope these methods can help you get Windows 8.1 Update smoothly.

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