Nowadays, people rely on the use of cloud services. Its security and flexible storage choices get the feature applied anywhere in our daily life. Different cloud services have different features. So, how to choose between Google Cloud and AWS? This article about AWS vs GCP on MiniTool Website will give you an answer.

What Is Google Cloud?

Google Cloud Platform (GCP), developed by Google, is a set of cloud computing services. It is used for Google’s end-user products, such as Google Drive and Gmail. Users can enjoy a series of services, including a cloud database, cloud AI, data storage, data analytics, machine learning, etc.

What Is AWS?

Compared to Google Cloud, AWS has developed into a more mature cloud service. AWS has specialized in this field since 2006. Of its worldwide reputation, more and more people are attracted to try this service. Many enterprises, even governments, become AWS’s long-term customers.

Besides, AWS keeps innovation in cloud service. It pioneered the serverless computing space with the launch of AWS Lambda, which lets developers run their code without provisioning or managing servers.

Whether Google Cloud or AWS, their advanced technologies have attracted a bunch of fans. If you want to figure out the differences between Google Cloud and AWS, the next part will enumerate their features. That will help you better make the choice.

Google Cloud vs AWS

AWS VS GCP in Price

These two cloud services offer cost-effective prices for consumers, but to some extent, Google Cloud is cheaper than AWS. There are different consumption modes for both.


1. Pay-as-you-go

You can adapt to changing business needs without overcommitting budgets.

2. Save when you commit

Savings Plans offer savings over On-Demand in exchange for a commitment to use a specific amount (measured in $/hour) of an AWS service or a category of services.

3. Pay less by using more

you can get volume-based discounts and realize important savings as your usage increases.


1. Only pay for what you use

Pricing varies by product and usage.

2. Save up to 57% on workloads

Compared to other vendors, cloud computing can automatically save money based on monthly usage and prepay for resources at a discount.

3. Stay in control of your spending

Control your spending with budgets, alerts, quota limits, and other free cost management tools.

4. Estimate your costs

AWS VS GCP in Network Services


  • Amazon CloudFront
  • Amazon Route 53
  • Elastic Load Balancer
  • AWS Direct Connect


  • Google Content Delivery Network
  • Google Cloud DNS
  • Cloud Load Balancer
  • Google Cloud Interconnect

AWS VS GCP in Cloud Security Services


  • Amazon GuardDuty
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Amazon Web Application Firewall


  • Cloud Armor
  • Google Cloud Identity and Access Management
  • Firewall Insights

AWS VS GCP in Storage Services


  • Simple Storage Service
  • Elastic Block Storage
  • Elastic File System
  • Glacial Deep Archive
  • S3 Infrequent Access


  • Google Cloud Storage
  • Google Persistent Disks
  • Google Cloud Filestore

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AWS VS GCP in Compute Services


  • Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)
  • Elastic BeanStalk & AWS LightSail


  • Compute Engine
  • App Engine Environment

In fact, it is hard to classify which one is better. It depends more on the organization’s existing architecture and requirements.

From the market proportion, AWS has an already established foundation and the security is trustworthy.

From the performance and efficacy, GCP runs faster.

In the above part, we have compared Google Cloud to AWS and they both have their advantages.

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Bottom Line:

Cloud services greatly facilitate people’s life. When such an excellent technology appears, competitors will vie in pushing this one to the next level. Nowadays, more products are available for you and you can choose them based on your preference. Hope this article about Google Cloud vs AWS can be helpful.

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