It is impossible to directly run Windows games on Mac. But, due to some reasons, you want to do it. How to play Windows games on Mac? This post shows you some possible ways. While to solve data loss issue on both Windows and Mac, you can ask MiniTool Software for help.

Yes, you can play many games on your Mac computers. However, compared with Windows devices, there are always limits on Mac. Most Mac devices are lacking in the graphics department, and even worse now, there is a lack of decent macOS-supported AAA games.

In this situation, you may ask is it possible to play Windows Steam games on Mac? In fact, the answer is yes and there is more than one way to run Windows games on Mac.

In the following contents, we will show you how to play Windows games on Mac in different ways. You can select one accordingly.

GeForce Now for Mac

Pros: Easy to operate, no need to download it, huge library of AAA games are available

Cons: Needs internet connection with high speed and recommends Ethernet cable over Wi-Fi

The best and easiest way to play Windows Steam games on Mac is to use GeForce Now for Mac, an Nvidia’s cloud-based game streaming service for macOS and Mac OS X users.

Currently, it has a Beta form in Europe and the US. With it, you can play many games from the Steam or accounts instantly without worrying about the machines’ graphical power.

How to play Windows games on Mac via GeForce Now for Mac? You can search for a guide online.


Pros: full cloud-based Windows experience, high-end specs for gaming

Cons: a high-speed internet connection is needed, expensive

If you want the full Windows experience, Shadow is your best choice. Unlike GeForce Now for Mac, Shadow can offer you a full copy of Windows 10, enabling you to install many launchers, like Steam, Origin, Epic Games Store, etc. and modify settings as you do on a Windows computer.

Besides, some applications are available on Mac, Windows, Android and iOS. With Shadow, you are able to access to the virtual PC from almost any device.

Additionally, the internet speeds of Shadow are very fast. The virtual computer can offer up to 1GB/s download speeds and 100MB/s upload speeds. That is the game downloads and updates are lightning-fast.

However, you need to pay for this service with price at £26.95 per month now.

Boot Camp

Pros: cost-efficient

Cons: needs more hard drive space.

If you don’t want to pay for playing Windows games on Mac, you can choose to partition your hard drive with Boot Camp. Then, you can run Windows on a separate partition. This means that you need to use hard drive space on your Mac to run Windows. By the way, you’d better install Windows 10 on the separated partition. Then, you can play both Windows and Xbox games on your Mac computer.

To do this job, you can also search for a guide on the internet.

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Virtualization Software

Pros: allow you to run Windows and Mac side-by-side.

Cons: decreased computer performance, expensive.

Using virtualization program to run Windows games on Mac is another choice. The software includes Parallels, VMware, VirtualBox, and more.

But, you should know that this will hit the computer performance since the virtualization software is running on the same partition and your computer need to run other programs in the background.

Tip: To recover data from a virtual machine running Windows OS, you can use a professional data recovery software: MiniTool Power Data Recovery.

There are also some other choices for you to run Windows games on Mac. For example, you can use Wine to build an additional layer on your Mac. Then, it tells Mac to run Windows Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to run Windows programs without error, but, it is not fully compatible with all games. Besides, if you are old school DOS gamers, you can choose to use Boxer to play Windows Steam games on Mac.

How to play Windows games on Mac? Now, you can choose a way based on your actual situation.

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