It seems pretty troublesome and difficult to build a gaming PC on your own. Yet, in this article, I will show you what you should do in order to make a gaming PC that meets your requirements. Please read the following content with care unless you are a tech prodigy.

Instead of just putting different parts together, you need to spend much time figuring out the following things:

  • Which parts work best with which other parts
  • How to keep a balance between economical and futureproof

In a word, it’s not an easy task to build a PC for gaming. Yet, it’s not so difficult to build gaming PC in 2019 as long as you master the knowledge talked below.

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How to Build Your Gaming PC in 2019

It is undeniable that many aspects will have an impact on the best gaming pc build. In this part, I’ll discuss the most important factors that will influence the gaming pc build. Here’s how to build a gaming pc step by step.

Step One: Confirm Your Budget and Needs


  • After research, I suggest that you start with a budget of at least $300 (buying core components for your new PC). Of course, this is just the entry level, which is not suitable for high-end modern games.
  • If you would like to play the cutting-edge modern games, you may need to increase your budget to $400~$600.
  • For the sake of getting well-equipped for modern titles and accessing VR gaming & content creation on the side, you should prepare $700 ~$800 money.
  • If you spend more than $1000 (less than $2000), you’ll find the returns in actual performance begin to decrease. So, only people who want to get the best gaming PC 2019 should consider this.

PC budget


Firstly, please confirm which kind of games you want to play with the PC (different games require different configurations).

  • The eSports titles are able to run properly on only low-end systems (of course, the experience would be better if they are running on mid-range or high-end systems).
  • Well, the cutting-edge modern titles need to run on a system costing at least $600.

Secondly, do you want a PC that will run most games in many years to come? Or do you just want to get a PC to play games recently? If you have no idea about this, you may as well summarize the popular modern games in a list. Then figure out which ones you are interested in and look online to see how they perform on different PCs.

Thirdly, you need to do a research to the core components that are needed by a gaming PC.

Step Two: Choose Suitable Components

Here are the main components you’ll need to make a gaming PC:

  • Graphic Card (GPU: Graphics Processing Unit)
  • Processor (CPU: Central Processing Unit)
  • Motherboard (MOBO)
  • Storage (SSD or HDD)
  • Memory (RAM: Random Access Memory)
  • Power Supply Unit (PSU)
  • Case

GPU: it is the component that has the most obvious impact on the performance of your gaming PC. The general rule is you are not advised to buy a GPU which is more than two generations behind the current one.

CPU: the Central Processing Unit is regarded as the brain of a PC. It is the second important component for a gaming computer. It’s essential for getting high FPS in some games.

RAM: this is the third most important component for gaming PC performance. It is tied to the CPU and will affect its performance.

Motherboard: the motherboard does not function alone, it should be compatible with the CPU you’ve got. An important factor to determine the performance of motherboard is overclocking capabilities.

Storage: this is the component that users are most familiar with. In general, HDD or SSD should be chosen.

PSU: you should buy PSU from a manufacturer with high reputation. Then, you must make sure there is enough wattage for your system.

After reading this gaming pc build guide, you must know what to do step by step, right?

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