How to manage Bluetooth devices simply and easily? This article on MiniTool mainly introduces the methods of managing Bluetooth devices including adding and removing them.

Bluetooth devices have become one of the essential tools in our daily life. Because through Bluetooth, wireless connections between personal mobile devices can be realized, allowing users to easily and quickly communicate with their surrounding electronics without a cable connection. So how to manage Bluetooth devices from our computers? Please browse the following content.

How to Add/Remove Bluetooth Devices in Windows 10

Regarding how to manage Bluetooth devices, the first thing we should know is how to add and remove Bluetooth devices. Here are two ways to add Bluetooth devices.

Add Bluetooth Devices Through Windows Settings

You can add Bluetooth devices from Windows settings page, as follows:

Tip: Make sure your Bluetooth devices are turned on and searchable before you do all the steps.

Step 1: Right-click the Windows key button in the lower left corner of the computer desktop and select Settings (or use the keyboard shortcut Windows + I).

Step 2: On the Windows Settings page, locate the Devices option and click to open it.

select the target button to open the devices

Step 3: Select the Bluetooth and other devices option in the left menu bar, and click the switch control button under the Bluetooth option in the right session box to turn on Bluetooth.

Step 4: Click the Add Bluetooth or other device button at the top of the current page and select Bluetoothto enter the process of searching for devices.

select the Bluetooth button to add a device

Step 5: After searching, select the Bluetooth device you want to connect by clicking the Connect button. 

Add Bluetooth Devices Through Computer Operation Center

The second method is to quickly access the Bluetooth connection page from the computer operation center. The specific steps are as follows:

Step 1: Switch on your Bluetooth device and make it searchable.

Step 2: Click the quick operation icon which looks like a message icon in the lower right corner of the computer desktop (or use the shortcut keyboard combination Windows + A) and click the Bluetooth button.

Step 3: Click Connect or Pair button to connect your Bluetooth device.

Step 4: Next, you can use the connected Bluetooth device to receive and send files.

Remove Bluetooth Devices in Windows 10

If you need to remove Bluetooth devices, please follow the steps below:

Step 1: Right-click the Start button in the lower left corner, and click the Settings button.

Step 2: Select the Devices button and choose the Bluetooth and other devices option.

Step 3: Select the device you want to remove and click the Remove device button.

Step 4: Click Yes to confirm your operation.

If you encounter a problem that you cannot remove the Bluetooth devices, you can refer to the following article: Cannot Remove Bluetooth Device? Here Is How to Solve It

What If the Desktop Computer Have No Bluetooth Devices

Many desktop computers have no Bluetooth function, only laptops have Bluetooth function. You can equip desktop with a USB Bluetooth adapter to use this function.

Step 1: Buy a USB Bluetooth adapter and plug it into your computer.

Step 2: The computer will automatically recognize the device and install the driver. Please follow the prompts on the page to keep the default settings, and click Next to complete the installation.

Tip: If a pop-up window saying "Confirm that Bluetooth is enabled on your system, plug in your device and click OK” appears during the installation process, you need to manually update the Bluetooth driver.

  1. Right-click the Windows key button and open Device Manager.
  2. Find the newly installed driver included in the Bluetooth option and right-click to select Update driver.

More information about installing Bluetooth driver:

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Bottom Line

Through the introduction of the above content, I believe you have understood how to manage Bluetooth devices in Windows 10. If you have other questions or want to share more information about Bluetooth devices, please leave a comment below.

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