144Hz monitor only showing 60Hz? How to set monitor to 144Hz or how to make sure your monitor is running at 144Hz? After reading this post from MiniTool, you know what you should do in Windows 10/11. Let’s go to look through the following ways.

144Hz Monitor Only Showing 60Hz Windows 10/11

You may buy a 144Hz monitor for high performance in games since it can refresh the monitor 144 times per second to show new images on the high-resolution screen. However, during the use, you find this monitor doesn’t run at 144Hz as advertised. Usually, you may run into this situation – 144Hz monitor only showing 60Hz.

Why my 144Hz monitor is only showing 60Hz? Then you may ask this question. The possible reasons are default monitor settings, an unsuitable HDMI or display port, outdated GPU driver, etc.

Well then, how to change monitor to 144Hz in Windows 10/11? Try some ways below to fix the issue so that your monitor can work at 144Hz.

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How to Set Monitor to 144Hz Windows 11/10 via Some Fixes

Set 144Hz in Settings

If your monitor doesn’t run at 144Hz but 60Hz, you should make sure the monitor is configured correctly. Do this task in these steps:

Step 1: In Windows 11/10, go to Settings by pressing Win + I and click System > Display.

Step 2: Click Advanced display or Advanced display settings, select a display, and tap on Display adapter properties for Display (Number).

click Display adapter properties

Step 3: In the Monitor tab, set Screen refresh rate to 144Hertz. Click OK to save the change.

change monitor to 144Hz


If there is no 144Hertz option in the list in Windows 11/10, it means your monitor doesn’t support this refresh rate. But if your purchased monitor actually supports 144 Hz, perhaps something blocks you from setting the refresh rate.

Check Your Cables

Some displays support HDMI and DisplayPort ports at the same time but the refresh rate may be limited to 60Hz when using HDMI. This is why is your 144Hz monitor only showing 60Hz. In this case, use a DisplayPort cable that should be properly certified and built to the DisplayPort specification.

Set Monitor to 144Hz via NVIDIA Control Panel

If you are using an NVIDIA dedicated graphics card, you can open its control panel to change monitor to 144Hz. Or when you meet 144Hz not showing up in display settings, you can also try this if you are an NVIDIA user.

See how to set monitor to 144Hz using NVIDIA Control Panel:

Step 1: Right-click on anywhere on the desktop and choose NVIDIA Control Panel.

Step 2: Click Change resolution from the Display tab, locate the refresh rate and choose 144Hz.

set monitor to 144Hz NVIDIA control panel

If you cannot see 144Hz but you make sure your monitor supports this refresh rate and uses the correct cable, you can click Customize > Create Custom Resolution and directly input 144 under Refresh Rate (Hz). Next, save the change.


Sometimes you cannot see the control panel even if you are an NVIDIA user. Go to find solutions from this post - How to Fix NVIDIA Control Panel Missing on Windows 10.

Check If Your Console Supports 144Hz

If you run into the issue of 144Hz monitor only showing 60Hz, one common issue is that the monitor supports 144Hz but the console doesn’t support it. All the models of PS4 and Xbox One offer a maximum refresh rate of 60Hz. For PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles, the maximum refresh rate is 120 Hz. Thus, play games on a PC to unlock the peak performance.

Update Graphics Card Driver

An outdated graphics card driver can impact the refresh rate due to some reason. You should make sure the PC uses an up-to-date GPU driver. So, how to set monitor to 144Hz via driver update in Windows 10/11?

It is easy to update your video card driver. You can go to Device Manager, expand Display adapters, right-click on your GPU and choose Update driver. Then, click the first option to update the driver.

update GPU driver

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Adjust In-Game Setting

How to set monitor to 144Hz if it shows 60Hz in games? If the running game has its integrated graphics settings, you can go to the graphics options menu of each game to choose the native resolution of your monitor and the refresh rate of 144Hz. Or else, the game can use the lower refresh rate.

Final Words

How to set monitor to 144Hz in Windows 10/11 or how to make sure your monitor is running at 144Hz if it shows 60Hz? After trying the workarounds above, you can easily achieve the aim. If you have some other ideas, let us know in the comment below.

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