Many people use Google Chrome to surf the internet. After you opened multiple tabs in Chrome, how to quickly switch tabs in Chrome? You can check the guide in the tutorial below. It also includes a Chrome switch tab shortcut.

If you opened several tabs in Google Chrome browser, how to switch tabs in Chrome efficiently? Check the answers below.

How to Switch Tabs in Chrome on Computer

Switch to the next tab in Chrome:

To switch to the next tab, you can press Ctrl + Tab Chrome shortcut. This Chrome switch tab shortcut lets you move to the tab at the right of the current tab. If you are on the last tab, then it will take you to the far left tab.

This switch tab shortcut for Chrome works on Windows, Mac, Linux and Chromebook.

Switch to the previous tab in Chrome:

To shift to the previous tab, you can press Ctrl + Shift + Tab keyboard shortcut. Similarly, if you are on the first tab in the left, then this Chrome switch tabs shortcut will bring you to the far right tab.

Go to the specific tab in Chrome browser:

On Windows/Linux/Chromebook, you can press Ctrl + No. to locate to certain tab. For instance, you can press Ctrl + 1 to go to the leftmost tab, press Ctrl + 3 to switch to the third tab. You can add the number to 8.

On Mac computer, instead, you should press Command + 1~8 to switch to the first to eight tab in Chrome.

Shift to the last tab in Google Chrome:

You can press Ctrl + 9 (on Windows) and Command + 9 (on Mac) to get to the last opened tab in Chrome.

how to switch tabs in Chrome

How to Switch Between Tabs in Chrome on Mobile/Tablet

To quickly switch tabs in Chrome on mobile phones, you can tap the tab overview icon, the square or overlapping squares at the upper-right on your phone. Then you can scroll the tabs and tap the desired tab in Chrome.

Alternatively, on most mobile phones, you can use your finger to swipe the screen from the left to right to switch tabs in Chrome.

The shortcuts for how to switch tabs in Chrome can be used in many other browsers like Firefox, Safari, etc.

Close Tab Shortcut for Chrome, Firefox, Windows, Mac
Close Tab Shortcut for Chrome, Firefox, Windows, Mac

What is the close tab shortcut in Google Chrome? Check the close tab or window shortcut for Chrome, Firefox, Windows, Mac.

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Bottom Line

Switching tabs in Chrome is easy if you know some switch tab shortcuts for Chrome.

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