Like computer, you can also use a set of Chrome keyboard shortcuts to make web browsing efficient. Check the list of 30 useful Google Chrome shortcuts in this post for Chrome tabs, browsing, address bar, etc.

Below is a list of Chrome keyboard shortcuts and their functions. You can use the Chrome hotkeys to save much time when browsing internet with Google Chrome browser.

30 Useful Google Chrome Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows

Google Chrome shortcuts for tabs:

Ctrl + N: new tab shortcut lets you open a new tab in Chrome.

Ctrl + Shift + N: open a new tab in Incognito Mode.

Ctrl + Shift + T: open the last closed tabs in the order they were closed.

Ctrl + W: close the current tab.

Ctrl + Shift + W: close the current window. If you open several tabs in Chrome, this will close all of them.

Ctrl + Page Down/Ctrl + Page Up: switch between next and previous opened tab.

Ctrl + Tab: jump to the next opened tab in the current window.

Ctrl + Shift + Tab: jump to the previous opened tab in the current window.

Alt + Home: open Chrome homepage in the current tab.

Alt + Space + N: minimize the current window.

Alt + Space + X: maximize the current window.

Google Chrome shortcuts for Chrome features:

Alt + F/E: open Chrome browser menu.

Ctrl + Shift + Delete: clear browsing data in Chrome. (Related: clear cache for one site)

Ctrl + J: open the downloads page.

Ctrl + Shift + B: show or hide Google Bookmarks bar.

Ctrl + Shift + O: open Bookmarks Manager in a new tab.

Shift + Esc: open Chrome Task Manager.

F1: open Chrome Help Center in a new tab.

Chrome keyboard shortcuts for address bar:

Alt + D: jump to the address bar.

Ctrl + Enter: add www. And .com to a site name. For example, type minitool, and press Ctrl + Enter to open

Google shortcuts for browsing webpages:

Ctrl + P: print the current page.

Ctrl + S: save the current page.

Ctrl + D: save the current page as a bookmark.

Ctrl + Shift + D: save all opened tabs as bookmarks in a new folder.

F11: turn on or off full-screen mode.

Ctrl + +/-: zoom in or zoom out the page.

Ctrl + 0: reset the page to default size.

Space: scroll down a webpage.

Shift + Space: scroll up a webpage.

Ctrl + H: display browsing history. (Related: How to delete history)

For the complete sheet of Google Chrome keyboard shortcuts, you can go to Google Chrome Help Center: Chrome keyboard shortcuts.

End Words

You can use the 30 useful Google Chrome keyboard shortcuts to improve your Chrome browsing efficiency. Hope it helps.

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