If you are running a laptop of the HP Omen series like HP Omen 30L, HP Omen 13/15/16/17, etc., how can you perform an HP Omen SSD upgrade? This is a simple thing and you can find a detailed guide on how to upgrade HP Omen SSD in this post written by MiniTool.

HP Omen is a series of gaming laptops including HP Omen 30L, HP Omen 13/15/16/17, etc. and you may buy one laptop of HP Omen due to its powerful features and performance. Then, you can play your favorite games smoothly at high resolution and smooth frame rates.

After some time, the internal storage capacity may run out of space because of large game files. In this case, you may consider HP Omen SSD upgrade.

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HP Omen SSD Upgrade Guide

How to upgrade HP Omen SSD? There are two cases about HP Omen 30L SSD upgrade, HP Omen 15 SSD upgrade, or HP Omen 17 SSD Upgrade. Let’s go to see them one by one.

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Add New SSD to Your HP Omen

In terms of the SSD slots, some laptops offer two SSD slots. To be specific, HP Omen 30L supports a PCle NVME SSD for the Windows operating system and a SATA hard drive; HP Omen 17/15 supports two NVME M.2 SSDs, etc.

If there is an empty slot and your original SSD has a certain amount of space but not much, to get more storage space in these HP laptops with two SSD slots, you can directly purchase a second SSD based on your laptop model and put it into the slot.

How to install the NVME SSD or M.2 SSD to your laptop? Refer to our previous post – How to Install SSD in PC? A Detailed Guide Is Here for You to find details.

Migrate OS and Data to New SSD for Upgrade

If you have experienced the high performance of the original SSD, you may not want to change to another type of SSD. When the disk space is insufficient, you may want to replace it with a larger capacity.

You can choose to upgrade the original SSD by migrating everything including Windows files, settings, applications, registry, files, and more to a very larger SSD to replace the original disk to get a better gaming experience. If the hard drive goes wrong, an SSD upgrade is a good solution before it is damaged eventually.

How do you upgrade an HP Omen SSD by the cloning method? See the steps below now.


  1. Prepare a larger SSD that is compatible with HP Omen 30L, HP Omen 15/17, etc.
  2. An adapter is required to connect the original SSD to your computer. Based on the SSD’s model, the adapter is different.
  3. An anti-static wrist strap could reduce the risk of electrostatic damage to the PC components.
  4. Small phillips-head screwdriver

Use MiniTool ShadowMaker for HP Omen SSD Upgrade

To migrate all the content from the original SSD of your HP laptop to a new big SSD, you can choose to use MiniTool ShadowMaker. As a free disk cloning software, it offers a feature called Clone Disk that enables you to clone the entire hard drive to another hard disk. This program can work properly in Windows 11/10/8/7. Just get its installer, then install it on your PC for a trial.

MiniTool ShadowMaker TrialClick to Download100%Clean & Safe

Step 1: Make sure your new SSD is detected by the computer. Then launch this disk cloning software and click Keep Trial to have a trial.

Step 2: Under the Tools tab, click Clone Disk.

MiniTool ShadowMaker clone disk

Step 3: Choose the original SSD of your HP Omen laptop as the source disk and the new SSD as the target disk.

Step 4: Start the disk cloning.

After finishing the disk cloning, open the back panel of your laptop using a screwdriver, remove the original SSD, and put the new SSD in its original place.

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That’s the guide on HP Omen SSD upgrade. Just follow the given methods to upgrade to a large SSD. If you have any idea about the SSD upgrade, let us know in the comment below.

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