This article will teach you how to fix Hulu error code 3(-984). This error is commonly seen when the Internet goes wrong or for other issues. When you are prepared to enjoy some movies on Hulu, this error can destroy your mood. But don’t worry, such an error can be resolved. For details, please go to this on MiniTool Website.

Why Does Hulu Error Code 3(-984) Happen?

The Hulu error code 3(-984) is commonly seen on Hulu. To fix Hulu error code 3(-984), you need to figure out why this error message on Hulu happens.

First of all, the major issue that can lead to Hulu error code 3(-984) is the Internet connection. If you have a slow Internet connection, Hulu will be hard to respond to any instructions and Hulu error code 3(-984) will appear.

Second, corrupted cache issues can make an error message on Hulu. Too much cache data left on Hulu will make potentially corrupted and damaged data possible.

Third, the Hulu error code 3(-984) may occur because of some glitches and bugs inside Hulu. That can be temporary and easily handled by restarting your device or app or just reinstalling the app, which depends on where you use Hulu.

How to Fix Hulu Error Code 3(-984)?

Fix 1: Restart Your Device

Before you start other methods, you can get rid of some temporary little glitches by restarting your device. The restart option should be the first solution that one should apply to fix a host of issues.

If you are using any streaming device, you can choose to power cycle them and check if that resolves the error for you. But if you are a computer user, this fix may be less useful, please try others.

Fix 2: Check Your Internet

Having a good Internet connection is a basic guarantee for Hulu’s performance. You can close the Hulu app and try other programs on your device to check if the Internet can run well. Besides, you can disable your VPN first which may affect the Internet performance.

If you find the program hard to respond to the Internet, you can get closer to your Wi-Fi source or try the following methods to improve your Internet.

Fix 3: Check for Updates

You need to keep your program up to date so that some glitches or bugs can be fixed with the latest version. As usual, the update can bring you some new features and improve performance. If you put off the update too late, the old features fail to evolve and new errors can happen.

Therefore, you can go to App Store or Play Store and search for Hulu to check if there are any new versions waiting for your update.

If you play Hulu on browsers, then you need to update your browsers.

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Fix 4: Clear the App Cache

To clear Hulu app Cache, you can do as follows.

For Android users

Step 1: Choose Settings from the home screen on your mobile device.

Step 2: Go to Apps and the Hulu.

Step 3: Choose Storage and then select Clear Cache and Clear Data.

For iOS users

To clear the Hulu cache on your iPhone, you need to uninstall and then reinstall the app. For details, you can go to Fix 5.

Fix 5: Uninstall and Reinstall Hulu

You can get rid of Hulu error code 3(-984) by reinstalling Hulu.

Step 1: Long press on the Hulu app and choose to uninstall the app from the pop-up menu.

Step 2: Reinstall the Hulu app from the Google Play Store or App Store.

Bottom Line:

After trying the above methods, you may have gotten rid of Hulu error code 3(-984). In most cases, the main culprit can be your Internet connection so you can check your Internet first when you meet this similar error code next time.

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