If you are a college student and plan to purchase a laptop to get through your course, what to look for when buying a laptop? The choice of all sorts of Windows laptops, Chromebooks, and MacBooks can be overwhelming. Here we write this post to show you the detailed laptop buying guide for students and you will know the top 8 things to consider.

Laptop Buying Guide for Students

1. What Your Course Demands?

As you know, every degree is different, especially for the IT demands. If you are the students who are about to study business, social sciences, English, modern languages or history, perhaps you need a low-powered or Chromebook to use the free office suite and a web browser.

If you need to create and edit graphics or video, a much more powerful machine with a bigger screen is necessary since you should ensure Ado Creative Cloud can run on your machine.

2. Chrome, Windows or Mac: Which OS?

If the course you choose doesn’t dictate which operating system to need, the choice is based on budget and personal preference.

Apple offers a discount to students, whereas Windows-based students can free upgrade to Windows 10 Education through OnTheHub and discounts on Adobe Creative Cloud and IBM SPSS Statistics are also offered.

Chromebook using Chrome OS is a web-based computer that can work in the cloud instead of installing everything on your hard drive. This makes the Chromebook quite affordable.

Mac Or Windows, Which Is A Better Choice For You
Mac Or Windows, Which Is A Better Choice For You

Before installing an operating system to computer, you must figure out which is better: Mac or Windows.

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3. Screen Size

Likewise, this is decided by your course. If you edit graphics and video or deal with spreadsheets and CAD illustrations, a big screen is required, for example, a 15in laptop. For writers, a 12in screen, or even 10in is suitable. Generally speaking, for most students, the sweet spot will be 12in to 14in.

4. Screen Quality

Every day, you may start your laptop for many hours, so you should consider the screen what should be comfortable to look at. Many laptops have touchscreens that are glossy, leading to reflections. Thus, purchase a laptop that doesn’t have a touchscreen.

Besides, look at the resolution, for example, 1920×1080. What’s more, the viewing angles are extremely important, for instance, the laptop screen that touts IPS offers the widest viewing angles.

5. Portability

A laptop for students may do more miles than most, including home, lecture, library, coffee shop, etc., thus, don’t buy a heavy computer.

6. Performance and Storage

Which type are the best laptops for college students? This mainly depends on how you will be using it. If you will do any design or multimedia work, you just need a powerful laptop.

To let your laptop runs fast, you can pay for the laptop with multi-core Core i5 processor, 8GB of RAM and a 500GB SSD.

7. Entertainment Is Important

If you are students, the laptop isn’t just a workhorse, it can power your free time: download music files, play games, watch videos, etc.

What does this mean for your choices? Consider screen size and quality, enough processing power to play back 4K video files, and edge in an online game battle.

8. Battery Life Is Key!

Maybe you will survive a day at college without recharging, for example, watch videos, writing essays, taking notes and more, thus, please look for a battery life of at least 10 hours.

Final Words

Now, we have shown you laptop buying guide for students and you know top 8 things to consider when buying a computer. Follow them to choose a proper laptop.

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