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Micron has launched the new 2200 PCIe NVMe SSD which comes in large hard drive capacity, delivering fast transmission rate. And in the following paragraphs, we will show some detailed specifications of this Micron 2200 SSD.

Micron Has Released the New 2200 PCIe NVMe SSD with Fast Speed

Micron has announced that it will develop a kind of new solid-state drive which is the featuring support for the NVMe protocol. And recently, it has launched the latest solid-state drive. It is the Micron 2200 SSD.

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Nowadays, NVMe SSDs have become more and more popular and many manufacturers have developed and researched the NVMe SSD. Compared to common SSD, the NVMe SSD has some advantages. For example:

  • Lower latency.
  • Higher transmission performance.
  • Lower power control.

So, the Micron 2200 SSD also is an NVMe SSD. The Micron 2200 SSD comes in large hard drive capacity which is ranging from 256GB to 1TB, which enables users to save more files. This Micron 2200 SSD also adopts an internally designed ASIC drive controller and firmware, plus 3D TLC NAND and comes in an M.2 form factor.

Micron 2200 SSD

This Micron 2200 SSD can satisfy the demands of the original equipment manufacturers and the broader client market NVMe storage class drives.

With these features, this Micron 2200 NVMe SSD delivers fast read and write speed. Its sequential read and write can reach up to 3000MB/s and 1600MB/s. And its 4K random read and write IOPS are 240,000 IOPS and 210,000 IOPS. So, with this Micron 2200 SSD, it can help you to decrease the loading time and access time.

In addition, this Micron 2200 PCIe NVMe SSD with the 3D TLC technology is designed to deliver fast read and write speed. The small size of this Micron SSD and compact M.2 form factor support the OEM, allowing them to design sleek and light client devices. The hard drive capacity of this Micron 2200 SSD can reach up to 1TB, enabling users to save some large files, images and multimedia assets.

Its self-governing power feature can improve the battery lifespan with the lower power states that are up to 98 percent more power efficient than HDDs so that it can extend the battery lifespan and the work efficiency.

The vice present of product planning and strategy for Micron’s storage Business Unit has said that the more than 65 percent of the client PC market will turn into the NVMe SSD and the average capacity will increase. The Micron 2200 NVMe SSD has accelerated the adoption of SSDs by addressing the storage-intensive workloads in client computing that demand performance at the compelling prices.

What’s more, the endurance of this 1TB Micron 2200 SSD is reaching up to 300TBW. It also has some advanced features. For example, this Micron SSD has the AES 256-bit encryption and power data loss protection. Thus, it can effectively protect your data on this solid-state drive.

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And now, the Micron 2200 SSD is now available on the market, but the price of this Micron 2200 NVMe SSD is not unknown.

Final Words

After reading this post, you can get the information that the Micron has launched a kind of new NVMe SSD, which is the Micron 2200 SSD. This Micron 2200 NVMe SSD comes in large hard drive capacity, reaching up to 1TB. In addition, it delivers fast read and write speed which enables users to transfer large files quickly.

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