Microsoft Edge is a new web browser you can find in Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile and Xbox One devices. It is designed to replace the traditional Internet Explorer. Though the Edge can help you search, browse, shop online, and do a lot of other things, it is not so popular. Till now, Microsoft decides to create a new web browser for Windows 10.

Microsoft Plans to Use Chromium-Powered Web Browser in Windows 10

Like all other modern browsers, Microsoft Edge allows you to collect and store specific data (such as cookies) on devices and it will let you send information (such as browsing history) to us. This web browser aims at faster, more lightweight, and securer.

Tip: As far as I know, people are not willing to see their web browsing history (and other Internet site visits) being collected by other programs and people. So, some of them choose to delete the history themselves. But, what is the deleted browsing history is still useful? Look here to see how to recover Google Chrome history files in detail.

Yet, it doesn’t win the heart of many people since its debut on Windows 10 in 2015 due to:

  • Instability
  • Lack of mindshare
  • And so on

Maybe it’s the reason why Microsoft is building Chromium-powered web browser now and plans to replace Edge on Windows 10 with this new browser.

replace Microsoft Edge

The New Web Browser for Windows 10

The new web browser for Windows 10 will be powered by Chromium. The similar rendering engine, which was made popular first by the Chrome browser of Google (known as Blink), will be added to this new browser.

Being called “Anaheim”, the Chromium-powered new browser will be used as the default browser on the Windows platform. These things are still not clear:

  • Whether the Anaheim will use the Edge brand or not
  • Whether the user interface (UI) will change or not

There is only one thing that is known for sure – the EdgeHTML in the default browser of Windows is going to die.

Chromium Will Take the Place of EdgeHTML

It is actually a piece of good news to many people that a different rendering engine will be used as the default web browser on Windows 10 finally; the EdgeHTML will disappear. The websites in the new Anaheim browser of Microsoft will be like those in Google Chrome by making use of Chromium. Two of the obvious changes of using Chromium-powered web browser are:

  • Don’t need to suffer from the instability that has been found in current Edge.
  • Help to fix the performance issues discovered in current Edge.

The Default Web Browser of Windows 10

It is really the first step to change the built-in web browser of Windows 10 running on PCs and mobile Phones for users. The rendering engines which are native to iOS and Android have already been adopted in Edge; therefore, things will not be changed too much in terms of this aspect.

Lately, the code was committed to the Chromium project by the Microsoft engineers for the sake of running Google Chrome on ARM. It is very possible that some of that work will be replaced by making Anaheim running on Windows 10 on ARM.

Microsoft Gives Support To Windows 10 On ARM Devices
Microsoft Gives Support To Windows 10 On ARM Devices

Now, Microsoft supports Windows 10 on ARM, so you can expect to see more advanced apps very soon.

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A lot of people hope to see Anaheim in the whole 19H1 development cycle; Microsoft is testing Insiders currently in the Fast ring. It is quite an important thing that the web browser of Microsoft can finally be compared with others like Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. At last, the people who are working completely with the Microsoft ecosystem will get a Microsoft browser which performs great when they browse the web.

In fact, there are still a lot of things pending about Anaheim – the Chromium-powered new browser. More news about this browser will be released officially by Microsoft in the weeks and even months following up. Let’s just wait!

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