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Microsoft is going to close the Internet Games and Reminds on Windows 7 which will say goodbye on January 14, 2020. And this post will show you some more detailed information of this news.

Microsoft Closes Internet Games and Reminds

The Windows 7 is going to say goodbye to users on January 14, 2020 and Windows will end the bug support of Windows 7. In addition, besides the operating system, Microsoft is going to close the Internet Games and Reminds of Windows 7, such as the Hearts, Backgammon, Checkers, Spades, Reversi and MSN Go.

Microsoft has announced that it will end the support of Windows 7 in March. And Microsoft has claimed that it will no longer provide any security and features for the version Windows 7 after the said date.

Microsoft ends the support of Windows 7

As matter of fact, Microsoft has ended its mainstream support for Windows 7. So since this reason, Microsoft is encouraging users to upgrade to Windows 7 since it provide the best technical support and bug fix.

The Windows 7 was first released in 2009 and it has been supported for a decade with only security updates since its last service pack 2016. However, there are a part of people still using the Windows 7. Although it can be used after the said date, it will be stuck in high risk since the computer is easily attacked by the virus.

And the support deadline is coming, users only have six months to upgrade to the newest Windows 10.

Besides Windows 7, Microsoft closes Internet Games and Reminds on the following operating systems as well: Windows XP and Windows ME. In addition, the Internet games will no longer be available on Windows XP and Windows ME July 31. However, for the Windows 7, users still can use the Internet Games until January 22 of 2020.

In addition, in terms of Internet Games, Microsoft is undergoing a major transformation. In the past, Microsoft mainly sold the Xbox consoles and games software developed by the third-party company.

But now, Microsoft is working on a cloud gaming service which will be available in October. The new service enables users to play games over the Internet regardless of device. On the other hand, before Microsoft, Google has released a cloud game service which is named as the Stadia. It will be available in November. But it is a paid feature. If users want to use it, users need to pay ten dollars monthly for the cloud game membership.

What Can You Do Be Before Windows 7 Goes Away

Contrary to Microsoft’s display notifications, there is no pressure to move to another operating system. The fact that Microsoft ends the support of Windows 7 will not limit users to continue to use Windows 7. This does not means that your desktop or laptop will no longer boot up Windows 7 after January 2020.

However, if you still use the Windows 7, there may be some incompatible problems, especially for the Apps and security paths. Thus, your computer may be easily attacked by the virus. In this way, you had better create a system image to protect your data and computer.

Final Words

In this post, we have introduced that Microsoft closes Internet Games and Reminds and Microsoft ends the support of Windows 7 next year. Thus, you need to pay attention to that the computer will be in a high risk of virus attack if you still use the Windows 7.

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