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The Minix Neo Storage is not only of a 4 port USB-C hub but also an external hard drive, offering 240GB capacity to store data and files. This post demonstrates more detailed information of this Minix Neo Storage in the following part.

The Introduction of Minix Neo Storage

Minix is a POSIX-compliant, unlike the operating system based on microkernel architecture. It has released a kind of new 4 port USB-C hub. However, this Minix hub is also a piece of storage device which can help to store data and files. So, what an amazing invention it is.

So, in the following part, we will show some detailed information about this Minix Neo Storage.

When you look at the Minix Neo Storage for the first time, it looks like a slightly bulky USB hub. On the one side, there are a USB-A port, an HDMI port and a single USB-C port. There is a short cable with a USB-C connector.

The material of the Minix Neo Storage is the machined aluminum, with sharp edges but curved corners. The Minix Neo Storage hub comes with two different colors which are gray and silver, respectively. When this Minix Neo Storage USB-C SSD is power on, the white LED bar will glow. In addition, the whole appearance look matches Apple’s design.

Minix Neo Storage

As for the form of this Minix Neo Storage, it is larger than the traditional USB hub, but it is smaller than most external hard drives. It can fit in a small bag so it is very convenient to carry out in daily life.

The two USB ports of the Minix Neo Storage are 0.3 inches apart. This is fine for cables and average-size thumb drives. But it is a bit tight for anything even slightly oversized. The HDMI port is equally close.

The built-in cable is 4.9-inch long and it is a reasonable length no matter whether it is used in Macbook or an iPad Pro.

In addition, it is also a piece of storage device providing 240GB capacity. It is also available in 120GB. It is non-removable so it is impossible to replace it with a larger one.

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In addition, this Minix Neo Storage also delivers fast read and write speed. Minix claims that the sequential read and write speed for the 240GB model are up to 400MB/s, while the sequential read and write speed for the 120GB model is about 350MB/s.

After several tests, the result shows that the dual USB-A ports perform well as expected whether it is a keyboard, mouse or a thumb drive inserted.

This Minix Neo Storage also has good compatibility. It is compatible with Apple MacBook Air 13 (2018), Apple MacBook Pro 13 (2016, 2017, 2018) and Apple MacBook Pro 15 (2016, 2017, 2018).

As for the price of this Minix Neo Storage hub, Minix lists the official price of the 240GB Minix Neo Storage is $99.9, while the 120GB is $79.9. So users can choose any one based on their own needs.

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Final Words

To sum up, this post has demonstrated the Minix Neo Storage. Apart from a hub, it is also a piece of storage device which comes with two different capacities, 120GB and 240GB respectively. The Minix Neo Storage USB-C SSD also delivers fast read and write speed to help transfer files quickly.

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