Finally, Microsoft releases some new details of Windows 10 19H2. The information shows that this update will not contains so many new features. That is to say, it is not a feature update. However, there are still some improvements in it. Now, you can read this post to learn more information.

Microsoft Starts the Development of Windows 10 19H1

Last month, we said that Microsoft Fell behind Schedule Windows 10 19H2 Plans since at that time there was no news about that update as expected. However, now Microsoft has released some new details of Windows 10 19H2.

At the very beginning of this month, Microsoft officially started the development of Windows 10 19H2 that was known as the fall 2019 update for Windows 10. As we expected, this fall Windows 10 update will be a service pack rather than a full feature update of Windows 10 since the company wants to pay special attention to the under-the-hood refinements.

Since it is not a feature update, Windows 10 19H2 will not introduce too many new features. But, its build number will in the range of Windows 10 May Update builds.

Considering that Windows 10 19H2 is not a big update, the company will make some changes in the way the next feature update of Windows 10 will be shipped to users.

Here, we will list some new features of Windows 10 19H2

Faster Update Process

According to the statement from Microsoft, Windows 10 19H2 will use the servicing technology that can make your computer running Windows 10 May Update gets Windows 10 19H2 like a monthly update.

Its faster update process is mainly aimed as Windows 10 19H1 users. If you are still using the old versions, you will have to download this update through the typical feature update distribution system.

Although Windows 10 19H2 will be a small update, it will still land as a manual download with the Media Creation Tool or Update Assistant tool.

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Performance and Refinements (Key)

As a matter of fact, the center of this Windows 10 update will focus on the performance and refinements. Microsoft has shipped the first preview build of Windows 10 19H2 without any new features. However, some minor additions will be introduced in the coming weeks.

Controlled Feature Rollout Approach

This new feature will influence the experience for Windows Insiders. The company devotes itself to improve the experience for Insiders to gradually test features with select users. The company will use the Controlled Feature Rollout that aims to gradually increase the audience in a controlled manner.

A statement from Microsoft is as follows:

Controlled Feature Rollout (CFR) [is] a method to progressively rollout new features by gradually increasing the audience in a controlled manner.

Release Date of Windows 10 19H2

This update will be released later this year and it will receive the typical 30 months of servicing. It will be a minor update ahead of the release of the next feature update – Windows 10 20H1.

The company says that you can look forward to better performance quality improvements, and enterprise features in 19H2.

The company has also released Windows 10 19H2 Build 18362.10000 to Slow Ring Insiders. Actually, there is no anything new except two behind-the-scenes changes for OEMs.

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