Microsoft falls behind schedule Windows 10 19H2 plans. Why? The company has not explained it officially. However, it is not a big deal. Actually, this is just a minor update with a service pack which is used to fix issues and touch up things. See this post to know more details.

Microsoft Falls behind Schedule Windows 10 19H2 Plans

Now, summer is beginning. But, Microsoft hasn’t begun previewing Windows 10’s next update whose code name is 19h2. It is expected to roll out later this year. Why? That’s because Microsoft has fallen behind schedule with its plans for this release.

At the earlier time of this year, Microsoft has announced that it would begin testing 19H2 in spring. Now, summer is over and the company still is not ready for previewing or talking about the plans for Windows 10 19H2.

As is ever the case with Microsoft, it has communicated this delay poorly. Until now, the company has not given the reasons for why this testing has been delayed only that there will be a delay.

Thus, we can’t comment on why this issue happens. However, we could talk about what Windows 10 19H2 is all about and why it doesn’t matter that this update hasn’t in testing with Insiders yet.

To be simple, Windows 19H2 is not a major feature update like Windows 10 19H1 or some other previous feature updates of Windows 10 have been.

We think that Microsoft is not going to release two major feature updates this year. Windows 10 May 2019 Update (Windows 10 19H1) is the only major feature update rolling out this year, and Windows 10 19H2 update will be a much smaller cumulative-type update that will mainly sit on top of Windows 10 19H1.

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Actually, Microsoft has done such a kind of thing with Windows 8.1 by releasing some smaller “roll-up” updates with minor new features, operating system (OS) changes, as well as overall system performance & stability improvements which apply to the current Windows OS release.

If So, Why Release Windows 19H2?

If Windows 10 19H2 is just a normal roll-up update with minor new features, why the company even marks it as a feature update with a codename as 19H2?

This is to keep support cycles in check and to keep pace with the overall update twice a year the company has kept to so stubbornly. Besides, most businesses are interested in the “H2” update of Windows 10 every year because this update has an extended support cycle of up to 30 months while the “H1” update is only supported for 18 months.

Businesses are likely to run on a version of Windows 10 for a long time. Thus, Windows 10 19H2 updates are vital for enterprises. Also, the company is encouraging businesses to update. Thus, the company will likely playoff Windows 19H2 as just like other feature updates of Windows 10. However, on a technical level, it is not like them at all. It is more like an old school service pack update for Windows 19H1.

It is good news. Many users have called for the company to change to a tick-tock type of update cadence with one major update and one minor update every year.

Windows 10 19H1 is the major update of this year. Then, the second one should be a service pack that can fix issues and touch up things where necessary.

Thus, it is not a big deal that Windows 19H2 is not in testing with Insiders until now since there are not an awful lot of things to be tested.

Now, it is still unclear whether this new updates release way of two updates a years will carry into 2020 and beyond. However, Windows 10 19H2 will be like this since platform work schedules didn’t line up. If all things go to plan, the next year’s release of H2 update will be back to normal.

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