OOBEEULA error is one of the common errors you might encounter when attempting to resetting this PC, installing the OS, running debloater, or upgrading to a new version of Windows. In this post from MiniTool Website, you can find some workable workarounds to fix this error.

Windows 10/11 OOBEEULA

OOBEEULA, an acronym for Out Of Box Experience End User License Agreement, is an integral part of the initial setup process when resetting or reinstalling a Windows operating system. OOBEEULA error is very common in Windows 10/11 and it indicates there is a problem or issue while accepting the terms and conditions during the system setup.

The OOBEEULA error appears when Windows operating system fails to display the EULA to you. Most of the time, this error results from system file corruption, network connection issues, corrupted OS installations, faulty user account, and more.

In this post, several effective solutions are presented to help you address OOBEEULA error. Without further ado, scroll down to find more details! It is worth mentioned that these solutions are also workable for other OOBE errors like OOBEAADV10, OOBESETTINGSMULTIPAGE, and more.

Since OOBEEULA occurs while reinstalling or resetting your OS, all your data might be removed after the process. Therefore, you had better create a backup of your important files before proceeding. Speaking of backup, you can try a free PC backup software – MiniTool ShadowMaker. This tool is designed for both individuals and companies to keep the data safe. Get the free trial and have a try.

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Fix 1: Try the Operation Again

Some temporary bugs or glitches might cause OOBEEULA. Therefore, the simplest way is to follow the suggestions on the screen or restart your computer to run the same operation again.

Fix 2: Repair System Files

Corrupted system files are one of the common causes of most issues on your computer including OOBEEULA, OOBESETTINGSMULTIPAGE, OOBEAADV10, and more. If you cannot access Windows, you need to run SFC and DISM in Windows Recovery Environment. To do so:

Move 1: Enter Windows Recovery Environment

Step 1. Turn down your computer and then reboot it. When the Windows logo appears on the screen, press the Power button to shut it down.

Step 2. Repeat the process for three or more times until prompted by the Automatic Repair window.

Step 3. Click on Advanced options to enter Windows Recovery Environment.

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Move 2: Repair Corrupted Files in WinRE

Step 1. Go to Troubleshoot > Advanced options > Command Prompt.

Step 2. In the command window, type sfc /scannow and hit Enter.

run sfc /scannow

Step 3. After completion, run the following command and hit Enter.

Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth

Fix 3: Tweak Windows Registry

Missing or corrupted registry keys might also be the culprit of OOBE errors like OOBEEULA.  In this case, manually creating the SetupDisplayedEula registry and the UnattendCreatedUser registry can solve the problem.  To do so:

Step 1. Boot your computer in Windows Recovery Environment.

Step 2. Go to Troubleshoot > Advanced options > Command Prompt.

choose Command Prompt

Step 3. Type regedit.exe and hit Enter to open Registry Editor.

Step 4. Navigate to the path below:


Step 5. In the right pane, right-click on any empty space and choose New > DWORD (32-bit) Value > name it SetupDisplayedEula > double-click on it > set its Value data to 1 > hit OK.

Step 6. Create another value > name it UnattendCreatedUser > set its value data to 1 > hit OK.

Step 7. Reboot your computer.

Fix 4: Run Sysprep

The sysprep command can also help you to address OOBEEULA by clearing SIDs and GUIDs. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1. Launch Command Prompt in Windows Recovery Environment.

Step 2. In the command window, type the command below and hit Enter.

%windir%\System32\Sysprep\sysprep.exe /oobe /reboot

run Sysprep

Step 3. Wait for the process to complete.

Fix 5: Use Another Account

If OOBEEULA persists, the last resort is to create a temporary account. This will bypass the error that are related to a specific user profile. Here’s how to create a user account in Windows Recovery Environment:

Step 1. Open Command Prompt in Windows Recovery Environment.

Step 2. In the command window, type net user /add <username> <password> and hit Enter to create a new user account. Remember to replace <username> and <password> with a new username and password.

Step 3. Then, type net localgroup administrators<username>/add and hit Enter to give the new account administrative privileges. Also, you need to replace <username> with a new username.

Step 4. Exit WinRE and restart your computer.

Step 5. Log in your computer with the new user account to check if OOBEEULA error is gone.

Final Words

Now, the OOBEEULA error must be gone and you can try to reset or reinstall your operating system. Also, don’t forget to back up your important files with MiniTool ShadowMaker to safeguard your data. Have a nice day!

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