The Outriders is a cooperative shooter game that can be played by one to three players and the background is a dark and desperate science fiction universe. It is annoying that you are interrupted by the sudden Outriders “A Bad Day” crash. So if that overwhelm you, you can refer to this article on MiniTool Website to find solutions.

Why Does Outriders “A Bad Day” Crash Happen?

The game suffered from the common issues of any online multiplayer game at launch, such as constant crashes, disconnections, stability issues, servers not working, and other issues.

Most players have reported that they are struggling with Outriders Bad Day Crash bug. According to the developer, this crash occurs when players receive rewards for completing the quest, but only with Hell's Rangers items in your inventory.

But different from what they said, the truth is that some players have encountered mistakes regardless of whether they have Hell Ranger equipment or not. Others ran into this problem without any legendary equipment or inventory.

It is a bug existed in the game. Of course, the developers have been aware of the trouble and issued some fixes of “A Bad Day” crash in Outriders.

It seems to particularly revolve around pre-ordered DLC Hell Ranger armor sets and weapons. This solution is related to the Hell Ranger gear and legendary items.

You can come to the next part and learn the details about this method and some notifications.

Outriders “A Bad Day” Crash Fix Guide

Before you learn the following method, it is recommended that check your Internet connection first and make sure your Outriders is the latest version. To keep your game up to date can help you enjoy the latest experience and some bugs and glitches can be fixed after the update.

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You’d better turn off your connected devices to avoid some unnecessary distractions, such as Bluetooth.

A good Internet performance can guarantee that the next steps proceed smoothly, so if you have any Internet troubles, you can refer to this article: 11 Tips to Troubleshoot Internet Connection Problems Win 10.

According to the solution issued by the developers, the most important point is that if you have Hell's Rangers and legendary items, you’d better move all of them to your stash when collecting the rewards. Once you get the rewards, you can put these items back into your inventory.

This solution should resolve the Outriders Bad Day crash until the developers officially fix the bug. The developers also provide this fix so that players can collect their rewards and prevent the game from crashing.

Just as we mentioned, Outriders “A Bad Day” quest keeps crashing even though players have no Hell's Rangers and legendary items in their inventory.

If you are, unfortunately, experiencing this embarrassing predicament, you can try to remove this game and then reinstall it and see if the issue is still there.

Bottom Line:

The Outriders “A Bad Day” crash is often triggered by some common factors. You don’t need to worry about it and those fixes as we mentioned above can be helpful.

Hope you have a good day.

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