A cloud storage platform can be your right hand helping you deal with the transmission of a large number of data. With ownCloud and Nextcloud, you can create a private cloud service. But which one is better? This article about ownCloud vs Nextcloud on MiniTool Website will give you an answer.

What Are OwnCloud and Nextcloud?

Let’s learn what the ownCloud and Nextcloud are?


OwnCloud is an open-source, free, and professional private cloud storage project that enables you to quickly set up a set of private cloud files on your PC or server. OwnCloud can synchronize files across platforms, share files, and version control files, and allows users to collaborate with others.

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Besides, your data can be securely stored at your own data library or server, as the platform integrates with IT systems. OwnCloud supports persistent file sharing and syncing, secure data viewing, and multiple device file access.


Nextcloud is a derivative of ownCloud. You can set up a network location for personal synchronous sharing with Nextcloud and more functions are improved based on the ownCloud.

Nextcloud can store your documents, calendar, contacts, and photos on a server at home, at one of the providers, or in a data center you trust.

OwnCloud vs Nextcloud

We have mentioned before that Nextcloud is an independent spin-off of ownCloud. So based on the original functions of ownCloud, Nextcloud has developed many new features.

To compare ownCloud to Nextcloud, we can focus on their features and security. These are two major points we will discuss.



1. OwnCloud allows you to access your data through a web interface, sync clients, or WebDAV while providing a platform to view, sync, and share across devices.

2. The sync and share center is under your control.

3. OwnCloud allows files to be split into smaller packages before being uploaded.

4. It allows you to use the Collabora Online feature. You need to download and install the feature first and your office documents can be edited by team members directly using the front-end of the cloud storage service.

5. OwnCloud can restore its previous version at any time.


1. It has the workflow function to ensure the service is under control. Some blocked actions can be set up by the administrator in a specific group.

2. Nextcloud enables users to conduct collaborative editing of office documents with no need to download Collabora Online. It has natively integrated tools for real-time document management.

3. It allows users to start the audio and video communication, even with external people.

4. It can set up a full-text search for cloud storage.

5. It allows users to customize the design of their own cloud.

6. It offers various features for managing contacts and appointments as standard.


Another great difference between ownCloud and Nextcloud is security.

For ownCloud, most of the security features are only available for the Enterprise version. As of the Standard version, it will provide you with server encryption for the primary storage unit (AES-256), virus scanner (ClamAV), automatic file integrity checks, and password rules.

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If you are using the Enterprise version, you are allowed to enjoy additional protection:

  • End-to-end encryption of all files
  • SAML/SSO authentication
  • File firewall
  • Records login/logouts and system operations

Different from the ownCloud, Nextcloud has more shields to protect your data.

  • Server encryption for the primary storage unit (AES-256)
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Brute force protection
  • Content Security Policy 3.0
  • Two-factor authentication
  • SAML/SSO authentication
  • Password rules

Bottom Line:

After reading this article about ownCloud vs Nextcloud, you may have a general understanding of them. Just try to maximize the feature of ownCloud and Nextcloud and you will get surprised. Choose what you need and enjoy your private cloud service.

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