PLEXTOR has shown a series of next-generation consumer solid-state drive – PLEXTOR M10Pe PCIe SSD. This PLEXTOR SSD comes in high speed and transfer rate targeted for all computer game users and applications intensive users.

PLEXTOR Announces the Latest M10Pe PCIe SSD at CES 2019

PLEXTOR, a leading manufacturer of solid-state drives and other high-performance digital storage devices, also has shown a series of new solid-state drives at CES 2019. And PLEXTOR has introduced the M10Pe SSD to customers.

This PLEXTOR M10Pe PCIe SSD enables users to experience an extraordinary speed and transmission performance. This new PLEXTOR SSD combines the advanced 96-layer 3D NAND flash and industry leading controller so as to provide fast speed for customers and even for those game users.

With this advanced controller, the sequential read and write speed of this PLEXTOR M10Pe SSD can reach up to 3200MB/s and 2500MB/s. In addition, the random read and write IOPS are up to 410,000 and 320,000.

Besides the speed feature, this PLEXTOR M10Pe PCIe SSD also has other feature. It takes advantage of the PLEXTOR’S signature cutting edge heatsink design so as to manage the temperature of SSD well without compromising system performance.


The PLEXTOR M10Pe PCIe is also the first to offer the latest generation of exclusive software utilizes to provide increased drive endurance, better reliability and higher performance across a wide span of applications.

The biggest change of this PLEXTOR M10Pe PCIe SSD is the flash memory which has upgraded to the BiCS 96-layer 3D TLC flash memory. By the way, PLEXTOR has made changes on the series of M9V SSDs which will replace the original M8V SSD.

In addition to the upgrade of hardware, the new PELXTOP PCIe SSD also has made improvements on the firmware technology. The second generation PlexNitro technology has accelerated the performance and the second TrueProtect technology has utilized the artificial intelligence technology so as to keep data safe.

Note: In order to keep data safe, you can also choose to back up files.

Here, we simply introduce what the PlexNitro is. It is the newest and more powerful version of performance boosting utility. The second PlexNitro technology can provide the advanced algorithm and enhanced random IOPS so as to increase the performance up to 20% while continuing to utilize dynamic SLC buffer to boost SSD read and write performance.

There is another thing you need to pay attention to. PLEXTOR has claimed that the M10Pe PCIe SSD and M9V SSD support Windows 10 Modern Standby status. Modern Standby allows the computer to consume less power to when the computer is in standby as the phone works and it also allows being aroused immediately.

As a matter of fact, this PELXTOP M10Pe PCIe SSD a good choice for those game users. And it will be available in the third quarter of 2019.

Final Words

After reading this post, you can get the information that the PLEXTOR has announced a series of the new solid-state drive at CES 2019. This new series of PLEXTOR M10Pe PCIe SSD can provide fast speed and transmission rate.

In addition, this PELXTOP M10Pe PCIe SSD has a unique design and has utilized the 96-layer 3D TLC flash memory so as to offer fast read and write speed. In order to guarantee the performance of this solid-state drive, this PLEXTOR SSD has the heatsink feature.

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