It is reported that Sony has discussed some ambitions for its next PlayStation home console (perhaps called PS5), with the use of an SSD being a key feature. That is, PS5 will use a solid-state drive for the storage device. Now, let’s go to know more information about this news.

Details of Sony PS5 Including SSD, 8K and PSVR support

You all know it is likely to happen but now it has been confirmed: Sony is starting to detail its plan for the next generation of PlayStation console. It doesn’t have an official name, but will likely be the PlayStation 5.

Mark Cerny, Sony systems architect, has detailed a lot of the architecture of the next game console of Sony in an interview with Peter Rubin of Wired. Some important and big features include a cutting-edge CPU and GPU, 8K and PSVR support, as well as a proprietary solid-state drive (SSD).


Sony reveals some details of the CPU and GPU. According to Rubin, the CPU of PS5 is based on the third generation of AMD’s Ryzen line and contains eight cores of the company’s new 7nm Zen 2 microarchitecture.

What’s more, the GPU is a custom variant of Radeon’s Navi family and it will support ray tracing. A console that has ray tracing support is a big claim to be making, especially considering the technology is quite new and only just finding its feet in PC gaming.

Actually, Sony has managed to create a devkit of the PS5, allowing developers to take advantage of ray tracing. This is a huge advantage of itself and that is before Cerny touches on the hard drive technology.

PS5 Will Use a Solid-State Drive

Additionally, one of the biggest changes that Sony is making to the next generation of PlayStation is the system’s storage solution: PS5 will use an SSD rather than a standard hard drive.

SSDs are fairly common in laptops and desktops these days. But, they are not common in video game consoles. Mechanical hard drives have been used in consoles. However, SSDs offer a few key advantages, particularly the faster operating speeds.

For consoles gamers, they have long been stuck in loading screens. Although those gamers who upgrade their consoles to a solid-state drive, they still suffer long wait times.

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According to Cerny, PlayStation 5 will be capable of vastly improving upon load times, which is all thanks to the SSD that will be used in this new console.

Cerny has used PS4 exclusive Marvel’s Spider-Man to show how much of a difference that this specialized SSD can make.

As detailed in the interview, the loading screen of the fast travel from one area of the map to another within the game can take roughly 15 seconds, whereas the loading screen on a devkit for the PS5 can take less than one second (around 0.8s).

As the new hardware will be backward compatible with older games, the load time will be reduced across the board when you upgrade.

Faster loading also means faster rendering, thus, games known for speed can push more architecture and textures at a faster rate. Spider-Man is only used as the example here since the camera is sped up to show how the city could render more quickly.

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8K and PSVR Support

What’s more, Cerny has also discussed 8K support and PSVR support. That is right. It is supposed that PS5 is going to support 8K visuals, so it is a good thing that they have a fancy SSD to speed up the load times. Furthermore, PS5 will be compatible with the current PSVR headset.

The End

Right now, we have shown you the most information about PlayStation 5. From the above part, you should know the uppermost feature is that PS5 will use a solid-state drive, which is heavily requested by developers and gamers.

To enjoy the faster load speed and better performance, please wait patiently. The next generation console won’t be coming in 2019 but it is probably that you will hear and see more about PS5 soon.

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