When using Reddit to search for something, you may find it doesn’t work. How to fix the issue of Reddit searching not working? Don’t worry and you can find some useful solutions from this post offered by MiniTool Solution. Let’s see some details.

Reddit Search Not Working

Reddit is a popular social platform that is used by many persons all over the world. In the forum, you can find information regarding almost anything. Although it is popular, you may encounter a common issue – you cannot use Reddit to search for threads of all topics.

Sometimes Reddit search only shows partial results while sometimes no results are shown at all with the error message “Sorry, we couldn’t load search results”.

Why is Reddit not working while searching? The main reasons for this are enabled Search Filter, ad-blockers, an issue at Reddit’s end, and less customization. Luckily, you can fix the issue by following these solutions below.

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Solutions to Reddit Search Not Working

Fix 1: Check If There Are Backend Problems

Before start troubleshooting, you should make sure the issue is not related to the Reddit backend. In some situations, some Reddit services don’t work as expected or some search modules fail. You can browse the forum and check if some other persons have the same issue.

Also, you can go to the official Reddit page to check its status. If there is a yellow bar, this means the back-end servers go wrong. You cannot do anything else but wait.

Disable Ad Blockers

In a web browser, you may enable ad blockers that can be used to delete all the ads you see on the computer to improve the browsing experience. The blockers have a built-in mechanism used to intercept all the traffic and pass on the filtered version (ads have been removed).

However, the issue of Reddit Search not working may appear due to ad blockers although they can improve your experience. So, you can choose to disable ad blockers.

To do this work in Chrome, go to type chrome://extensions to the address bar and press Enter. Next, disable the ad-blocker extension. Then, check if Reddit search can work.

disable AdBlock in Chrome

Tip: If you are using Chrome or other web browsers and want to remove some extensions, this post is helpful for you – How to Remove Extensions from Chrome and Other Popular Browsers.

Disable Search Filter

Reddit applies a search filter to your account automatically and extracts not safe for work content. That is, when performing a search on Reddit each time, the search results will be deleted automatically and you cannot see them. The option is hidden in your profile settings and you don’t know the search is filtered.

To fix the issue of Reddit search not showing all results, follow these steps.

Step 1: Go to the website of Reddit, click the profile image, and choose User Settings.

Step 2: Under the Feed Settings tab, enable the Adult content option to view adult and NSFW (not safe for work) content in your feed and search results.

Final Words

Is Reddit search not working when searching for something in the forum? If yes, don’t worry and you come to the right place. We believe you can easily get rid of this issue by trying these solutions mentioned above. Just have a try.

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