When you open a photo, document or a Windows feature/application, if you receive the Remote Procedure Call failed error in Windows 10/8/7, don’t panic. You are not the only one and many users have reported this issue. Here MiniTool Solution will help you to fix it easily with multiple methods.

The Remote Procedure Call Failed Windows 10/8/7

Can you open your documents, photos, or Windows applications and features? If you cannot do it, perhaps you get the error message – the Remote Procedure Call failed and did not execute. Usually, it can happen in Windows 10/8/7 and Windows Server 2016.

This error is related to Remote Procedure Call (RPC) which is a protocol that can help a program to request service from another program on a different PC in a network.

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Additionally, RPC can be the Service Control Manager for DCOM and COM servers. That is, RPC can do many actions, for example, perform object activation requests, gather unnecessary garbage, and object exporter resolutions.

So, you should ensure the Remote Procedure Call is running on your computer. If you get “the Remote Procedure Call failed and did not execute” when opening a folder, photo or app, RPC may be disabled. Of course, the error can be caused by other problems including system file corruption, services issues, malware infection, user account corruption, etc.

In the following part, we will show some possible methods for you to fix this issue. Note that we use Windows 10 as an example. Of course, these solutions can be applied to Windows 8/7, Server 2016, etc.

How to Fix Windows 10 Remote Procedure Call Failed

Check the Remote Procedure Call Services

The first thing you should do is checking some related services including Remote Procedure Call (PRC), Remote Procedure Call (PRC) Locator and DCOM Server Process Launcher. Just follow these steps below to check for their settings.

1. Press Win + R to get the Run window, input services.msc and click OK.

2. In the Services main interface, locate the Remote Procedure Call (RPC) service and double-click it to ensure the Startup type is Automatic and the status is Running.

3. Click Apply and OK.

4. Locate Remote Procedure Call (PRC) locator, double-click it and set its Startup type to Manual. Click Apply and OK.

Remote Procedure Call (PRC) locator

5. Find DCOM Server Process Launcher, double-click it and set its Startup type to Automatic.

6. Save your changes and restart the PC to check if the Remote Procedure Call failed error is fixed.

Run Windows Store Apps Troubleshooter

Running the built-in troubleshooter may be also helpful to remove RPC failed error. This solution can be helpful to fix the Remote Procedure Call failed error when opening an app.

Follow the guide below:

  1. Search for troubleshoot in the search box in Windows 10 and click the result.
  2. Go to Windows Store Apps and run the troubleshooter. Then, follow the on-screen instructions to finish the troubleshooting.

run Windows Store Apps troubleshooter

Check for System Files

If the issue lies in damaged system files, checking for your Windows system can be a good solution. System File Checker, a built-in tool, enables you to scan for corruptions in Windows system files and restore corrupted files.

  1. Launch Command Prompt with administrative privileges.
  2. Use the sfc /scannow command to scan the system and restore corruption.

sfc scannow

Scan Your PC for Malware

Sometimes malware or viruses can lead to Windows 10 Remote Procedure Call failed. So, you should run an antivirus program on your PC. In Windows 10, Windows Defender provides real-time protection. Just run it right now. Alternatively, you can use a third-party program, for example, Malwarebytes, Avast, etc.

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Uninstall Any Registry Cleaner

If a registry cleaner deletes important files for the photos app, the RPC error may occur. So you should uninstall the cleaner if you have one.

  1. Go to Control Panel and let all items listed by large icons.
  2. Click Programs and Features to the app list.
  3. Find your registry cleaner, right-click it and choose Uninstall to remove it.

The End

Now, we introduce 5 common solutions to fix “the Remote Procedure Call failed and did not execute” error in Windows 10/8/7. We hope that these methods could help you out of the RPC error when opening a jpg picture, a folder or an app.

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