On Wednesday night, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and New York Samsung CEO DJ Koh appeared on stage together, and Korea Electronics Group launched the latest version of the new Note 10-its super smartphone. Click MiniTool to get more information.

Samsung Phones to Share Seamlessly with Windows PCs

After the legal dispute over patent royalties was resolved earlier that year, Samsung company and Microsoft company have been cooperating since 2015 and focusing on application bundling and retail till now. Then Samsung phones will enhance cooperation with Windows PCs.

One of Samsung’s three co-chief executives-Mr Koh said,

“I look forward to a long partnership as we continue to work together to create seamless connections across devices and experiences.”

And the Microsoft company’s CEO responded, 

“The co-operation between Microsoft and Samsung is a potent combination, Samsung can deliver unrivalled reach in terms of hardware and scale, while Microsoft is the leader in enterprise apps.”

Windows PC

The new “Link to Windows” feature in Samsung Note 10 allows you to sync files and notifications wirelessly from smartphones to Windows PCs. Microsoft applications like OneDrive, a cloud storage device for photos and documents will also be promoted. In addition, Outlook email that now supports the Note’s “S Pen” stylus is also promoted.

The cooperation will bring several new functions to Samsung’s smartphones, and these features can compete with Apple’s products’ main selling points. Sharing photos, sending information, and taking incoming calls seamlessly between PCs or mobile phones are critical to keeping Apple customers loyal to Macs and iPhones.

To achieve Apple-style interoperability between its latest smartphones and Windows PCs, Samsung and Microsoft have reached a broad alliance. The deeper cooperation highlights how Android competes with iPhone among corporate customers, especially considering that Google’s operating system has been added additional security software by Samsung.

But analysts say that most of the other Android smartphones don’t have Microsoft’s new software features, which are more compelling than Samsung’s hardware. They think it’s the biggest news that Samsung phones will enhance cooperation with Windows PCs.

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Samsung Phone in the Smart Phone Market

The partnership and two new Note devices are announced together. For the first time, Samsung launches a new small Note with a 6.3-inch display and a powerful 6.8-inch 10+ model with 5G connectivity. These devices still have high prices, which are starting at $949 and $1,099 respectively. The Note 10 will be released on August 23.

Samsung phone

Before this new device was launched, this week, research team IHS Markit showed that Samsung expanded its leading position in the smartphone market in 2019’s second quarter, with a market share of 23%. HIS also found that Apple ranked fourth who was behind the Chinese brands Huawei and OPPO because iPhone sales fell about 15% year-on-year.

Although IHS believes that global smartphone sales fell 4% in the three months to June, Samsung will hope that the latest Note will help boost the recovery in the second half of this year.

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Final Words

Microsoft and Samsung have a long history of innovation and what they provide for you include software, hardware and services. Samsung phones will enhance cooperation with Windows PCs, which can bring an important change to the way that you interact with the multiple devices in your lives. This change is just the start.

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