Are you using Samsung Galaxy smartphone but always need to recover deleted files? By reading this post, you will find the best way to recover deleted files Samsung Galaxy.

According to Statista, Samsung is enjoying 80 million shipments around the world every quarter. Among these shipments, Samsung Galaxy series is always the best seller, which means a lot of users are using Samsung Galaxy.

Recently, Samsung Galaxy S10e/S10/S10+ are now available on the official website. It is inspiring that this new release continues to support storage expansion by adding a micro SD card in the slot. With such large capacity, users tend to save kinds of documents, pictures, videos, and audios in their smartphone.

Despite the convenience brought by Samsung Galaxy, a large amount of Samsung Galaxy users have the Samsung Galaxy recovery requirement since they may delete some files and then find that these files are still of importance. In this case, how to recover deleted files Samsung Galaxy?

The Possibility of Samsung Galaxy Data Recovery

When asked of the possibility of Samsung Galaxy recovery, we want to explain that no data recovery can be guaranteed 100%. Generally speaking, once data loss happens, you do have the chance to get the lost files back provided that there are no new files saved in the phone.

Besides, we would like to mention that to recover data from a smartphone, it is better to find a professional mobile recovery software.

However, if you are saving files to the expanding SD card, you can totally rely on this Samsung Galaxy recovery tool – MiniTool Power Data Recovery to recover deleted files Samsung Galaxy.

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Samsung Galaxy Recovery Software Free Trial

Considering that it is better to have a check for the software performance, we suggesting installing MiniTool Power Data Recovery Trial Edition on computer to have data scan first.


MiniTool Power Data Recovery brings easier data recovery process for all Windows users. It is capable of recovering files lost due to virus attack, wrong deletion/formatting. Supported hard drive devices include HDD, SSD, external hard drive, SD card, and USB flash drive.  

As long as you stop storing new files in Samsung Galaxy, you can download this Samsung Galaxy recovery tool to have a try.

Free Download

Step-by-step Guide

Here is the detailed recovery guide:

Step 1. Take the SD card out of Samsung Galaxy, and then connect it to a Windows computer which has MiniTool Power Data Recovery installed via SD card reader.

Step 2. Run the Samsung Galaxy recovery tool to get the main interface.

Step 3. Choose Removable Disk Drive from the left panel.  This module is specially designed to recover data from USB drive, thumb drive and all kinds of SD card.

choose the USB partition to scan

Step 4. Please wait for MiniTool Power Data Recovery to finish its job.

MiniTool Power Data Recovery finishes partition scan

Step 5. Now open the searched partitions one by one to find the files you need. It is good for you to select the pictures to have a preview before you check them to recover.  

Note: Only the image files, as well as the TXT files, can be previewed. However, they should be smaller than 20MB.

preview pictures

Step 6. In principle, you can now choose all the files you want and then tap the Save button to finish the process. However, since the Trial Edition does not support data recovery, you need to get a license to break the limit.

Tip: After you obtain your license key, you can click Register on the top right corner to activate your MiniTool Power Data Recovery. So please leave the scanning result page as it is.  In addition, be to choose another location to save the selected files.

data recovery limit in the Trial Edition

By following the steps above, you can quickly finish Samsung Galaxy data recovery in a few steps. Now just get the Trial Edition to have a try.

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While it is a very common requirement to perform Samsung Galaxy recovery, we highly advise Samsung users to back up important files often. Usually, Android backup intention can be achieved by SD card clone or cloud backup. With a backup copy, you are able to get off all the backup files without having to do SD card recovery.


To put it simply, Samsung Galaxy is really ease-of-use and its capacity extensible feature makes Samsung Galaxy popular and Samsung data recovery possible and easier.

MiniTool Power Data Recovery is a good choice to recover deleted files Samsung Galaxy when it aims at recovering data from the SD card. If you do have such a need, don’t hesitate to get this Samsung Galaxy recovery tool and try it out! For any questions, you can leave us comments below. Protection Status

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