Do you use Mozilla Firefox to search web pages in your life? What will you do if the error SEC_ERROR_OCSP_FUTURE_RESPONSE comes up? Don’t worry! This issue is not that hard to handle. In this post on MiniTool Website, we will find some simple fixes for you.


When you are trying to access some files which contain CSS elements via Mozilla Firefox, it is very likely that you will encounter an error message and it shows:

Secure Connection Failed

An error occurred during a connection to

The OCSP response is not yet valid (contains a date in the future).


This error is not so complex as it seems to be. Just in a few clicks, you can get rid of this error code from your computer. Now, please come and follow our lead!


Fix 1: Change Time & Date

Some of you might set your date & time a little earlier than the actual clock to push yourself to do your task in advance. However, if you do that, you might meet the error SEC_ERROR_OCSP_FUTURE_RESPONSE when you are browsing the web page via Firefox. In this condition, you must change your time & date.

Step 1. Click on the gear icon to open Windows Settings.

Step 2. In the settings menu, scroll down to locate Time & Language and hit it.

Step 3. In the Date & time tab, turn on Set time automatically and Set time zone automatically.

set time and data automatically

Fix 2: Update Firefox

If your Firefox version is earlier than v47, it might be some bugs thus causing SEC_ERROR_OCSP_FUTURE_RESPONSE. Mozilla has released Firefox v51 to fix this issue. To update your Firefox:

Step 1. Open Firefox and hit the three-line icon at the top right corner of your screen.

Step 2. Tap on Help and press About Firefox to check for updates. After downloading the available update, Firefox will restart automatically.

Fix 3: Disable OCSP Verifications

If the error SEC_ERROR_OCSP_FUTURE_RESPONSE still appears, you can try to disable the OCSP verifications. This method is quite effective but it also means your computer will be confronted with some threats, so you must be very cautious during the process.

Step 1. Open Firefox, click on the three-line icon and select Settings in the drop-down menu.

Step 2. In the left pane, press Privacy & Security.

Step 3. Go to Certificates and untick Query OCSP responder servers to confirm the current validity of the certificates.

Step 4. Relaunch your browser.

Fix 4: Clear Browser Cache

Another culprit of SEC_ERROR_OCSP_FUTURE_RESPONSE might be the problematic cache or cookies on your Firefox. Therefore, you can try to clear the cache on the browser to see if it works.

Step 1. Go to Firefox Settings > Privacy & Security.

Step 2. In the Cookies and Site Data section, hit Clear Data.

Step 3. Check Cached Web Content and hit Clear.

clear cache

Fix 5: Switch to Another Browser

If none of these solutions above works out for you, you can try to switch to other powerful browsers like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and so on to fix SEC_ERROR_OCSP_FUTURE_RESPONSE.

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