Can you completely remove .NET Framework and then reinstall it? Some people will encounter troubles when using .NET Framework and that will need you to repair or even uninstall .NET Framework. To finish this procedure, you can read this article on MiniTool and get what you want.

What Is .NET Framework?

Some people may have little knowledge about .NET Framework so we will have an introduction to it first.

.NET Framework, developed by Microsoft, is an open-source platform designed especially for building Windows-based applications. For its free powerful functions for commercial use, .NET Framework become an essential part to create custom Windows-specific applications around the world.

There are some main features and advantages of .NET Framework you can think of:

  • It includes its own set of developer tools and class libraries.
  • It is an open-source software development platform free for commercial use.
  • It works with a variety of popular programming languages and the built apps can support a variety of platforms, including desktop, mobile, web, and servers.
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To uninstall .NET Framework and reinstall it, please go to the next part.

How to Uninstall and Reinstall .NET Framework?

If you encountered some issues with .NET Framework and you want to reinstall it, you need to remove .NET Framework first, but this method may be not suitable for every Windows.

It is recommended to try to repair .NET Framework and to run the System File Checker before you start the removal, then you can try the following steps to uninstall and reinstall .NET Framework.

Way 1

Step 1: Type control panel in Search to open it and go to Programs and Features.

Step 2: Click Turn Windows features on or off from the left side and click on the + symbol next to .NET Framework 4.8 Advanced Services.

Step 3: Then uncheck the box next to ASP .NET 4.8 and click the OK button to save the changes.

Step 4: Close the window and restart your computer to go to Control Panel and repeat the above steps to re-check the box next to ASP .NET 4.8.

When you do that, Windows may download an update for your .NET framework. If that succeeds, a message will pop up to tell you the result, but the method is just not useful for all Windows; if you fail, please try others.

Way 2

Step 1: Open your Control Panel and go to Programs and Features.

Step 2: Then please locate all that start with Microsoft .NET and right-click on them one by one to uninstall them. Be careful, you’d better start the removal from the latest version and make sure no leftover files.

Way 3

If the above two methods are useless, the last resort is to download and install the .NET uninstall tool. This tool will help you to remove .NET SDKs and runtimes from a system. Please download the tool from this page and on this GitHub repository, you can find the source codes.

To remove .NET Framework with the .NET uninstall tool, please follow the steps.

Step 1: Enter this command – dotnet-core-uninstall list to list the installed .NET SDKs and runtimes that can be removed.

Step 2: Enter the following commands to display the .NET SDKs and runtimes that will be removed based on the options provided.

  • dotnet-core-uninstall dry-run
  • dotnet-core-uninstall whatif commands

Step 3: Then enter this command – dotnet-core-uninstall remove to uninstall .NET SDKs and Runtimes.

After the removal, then you can go to re-download and reinstall .NET Framework, please read this article to get the detailed steps: Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8 Download & Install for Windows 11/10.


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Bottom Line:

This article has given you a detailed and comprehensive guide to uninstalling .NET Framework and some methods to repair .NET Framework have been presented. Hope this article is useful for you.

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