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UNIS has announced a kind of new enterprise SSD – UNIS P8260 SSD at the CITE 2019. This UNIS P8260 SSD comes in large storage size and it is also built-in the 3D NAND Flash technology. This post shows you some specifications of this UNIS P8260 SSD.

UNIS Has Announced the UNIS P8260 SSD at the CITE 2019

Some days ago, there was a rumor on the Internet that UNIS has independently developed SSD with the NAND flash. However, according to the analysis, it is impossible to use domestic NAND flash to produce the S100 series SSD launched by UNIS as YMTC is unable to complete massive production.

However, the YMTC does have a certain ability to develop 3D NAND. At the seventh China Electronic Information Expo (CITE 2019) in Shenzhen, UNIS has announced the enterprise P8260 SSD, which using the 32-layer 3D NAND supplied by YMTC, the UNIS controller for SSD and the DRAM cache of by UNIS.


UNIS has claimed that the P8260 SSD supports the NVMe1.2.1 standard and PCIe 3.0 x4. And the UNIS P8260 SSD is available for 16 NAND channels, which provides the basis for high power.

The dual channel 40bit DDR controller which has the ability of ECC makes access to internal data more reliable. The perfect combination of strong hardware and effective firmware can provide users differential performance and high reliability of enterprise SSD. This UNIS SSD can get better competitiveness among security storage area and is able to provide idealized choice for the needs of different customers.

The UNIS P8260 NVMe SSD is available in two different capacities which are 1TB and 2TB and also provides two different interfaces including the AIC and U.2. There is a gap from the current mainstream products with 256GB and 512GB. However, the capacity of the 64-layer 3D NAND flash of YMTC produced this year will be increased to 128GB, so the gap will become narrow.

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The controller of UNIS P8260 is Dera Storage which also produced the enterprise SSD. It has its own enterprise controller, but the specifications of this controller chip are unclear. Their main enterprise SSDs includes the NVMe SSD D5850, D5450, and D5430. The DRAM cache is the national core from Xi’an UNIS.

In addition, the performance of this UNIS P8260 SSD is not announced. But the performance may be varied due to different storage size.

Besides this enterprise UNIS P8260 SSD, UNIS has shown the SSD P5120 for the computer or PC pre-installed market, and shown the SSD P100, S100 and related products to the consumer market at this CITE 2019.

UNIS P8260 NVMe SSD is also backed with a limited 3-year warranty. And the price of this UNIS P8260 SSD is also affordable and we think it will bring a surprise to the storage market.

Note: As data loss is becoming more and more popular in the increasingly developed times, keeping data safe is becoming more and more popular. So, users can choose to back up hard drive or back up data to safeguard your data.

Final Words

After reading this post, you have known that UNIS has shown the new enterprise SSD – UNIS P8260 SSD at CITE 2019. This UNIS SSD comes in two different storage sizes which are 1TB and 2TB. It takes advantage of the 3D NAND flash and UNIS national core DRAM cache.

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