Usually, you can connect a USB flash drive with your computer to transfer files between them. However, is it possible to connect a USB drive to an Android phone or tablet? The answer is positive. The USB type-C flash drives for phones and tablets can fully do that job for you. Now, in this post, we will show you some drives of this kind.

USB Type-C Flash Drives Are Coming

As you know, USB flash drives are awesome. It is small, and some of them are equipped with large capacity. They are small in size, and not very expensive. With them, you can move data across computers.

But, in today’s post, we are not going to talk about the normal USB flash drives. Instead, we would like to introduce some even more awesome ones: they are equipped with both a standard-sized and a USB Type-C port. Thus, you can connect them not only with computers but also with the latest Android phones and tablets.

Perhaps, you want to know how this happens. Thanks to the USB On-The-Go specification and it enables an Android mobile device to own USB peripherals connected to it. In addition, most new Android smart phones and tablets are USB OTG-friendly. They can recognize a connected USB flash drive.

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It is much useful to move files between devices. To be specific, it is useful to move the same files across a personal computer and a mobile device. Now, the USB Type-C has already become the go-to connector on the Android phones. Then, more and more USB flash drive on the market can be used on your Android phones and tablets.

Here, we will show you some good USB type-C flash drives for phones and tablets in the following contents.

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Do You Want to Restore Deleted Files Android? Try MiniTool

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Some USB type-C Flash Drives for Phones and Tablets

Samsung Duo Plus

This is a kind of stylish flash drive which is designed by Samsung. It can be as little as 32GB, but also can be as much as 256GB in capacity. Its transfer speed can be up to 300MB/s, and this speed is the fastest one among the drives mentioned in this article.

Thus, when you need to transfer large files from your Android phone or tablet often, this USB flash drive is your best choice.

Kingston Digital Data Traveler Micro Duo

This flash drive is little tiny and it is big enough to have both USB connectors you need to use. However, the data it can hold can be up to 128Gb, and its transfer speed can be up to 100MB/s.

SanDisk Ultra Dual Drive

The design of this drive is elegant. When you don’t need the connectors, you can conceal them. This design can prevent the accidental bending which may happen during carrying. Its capacities have five storage configurations and its transfer speeds can be up to 150MB/s.

Sony USB Flash Drive

This USB OTG thumb drive has three storage capacity options, and most of you must want to use the 64GB one. It transfer speed is not slow, which is at 130 MB/s.

PNY Duo Link

This PNY Type-C flash drive can also hide the connector when not using it. From the following picture, you can see that the design can spare you the hassle of looking for the cap all the time. The average transfer speed of it is 130MB/s, and the price is affordable.

Transcend JetFlash 890S

The Transcend drive currently supplies 64GB capacity only and the transfer speed is not very impressive, which is at a maximum of 90MB/s.

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