Announced by Western Digital, the new WD Blue SN500 was designed on the basis of 3D NAND technology, firmware, and controller of the company. Its position is between the WD Black SN750 and the SATA models of WD Blue which are award-winning. This NVMe SSD delivers fast speed and low power consumption, so it is a good choice for you.

WD Blue SN500: A Wonderful Choice

The WD Blue SN500 is actually an NVMe SSD built in an M.2 2280 form factor. Sold at a reasonable price, it is considered as a big step forward for an SSD that is really reliable and affordable. To meet people’s different demands for storage, Western Digital provides 2 choices in terms of capacity: 250GB (at a regular price of $53.99) and 500GB (at a regular price of $75.99).

Flash Storage & SSD: Which Is More Suitable For You?

WD Blue SN500

It’s amazing that the performance of the new WD NVMe SSD is three times over that of the high-end SATA SSDs. This makes it a good choice for mainstream computers with high performance. Indeed, the WD Blue SN500 NVMe drive provides reliable NVMe storage solution for consumers, resellers, and system builders when they create the next computer.


  • Fast speed: as for the 500GB model, it delivers a sequential read speed of up to 1700MB/s and a sequential write speed of up to 1450MB/s. Well, the sequential read and write speed of the 250GB model are: 1700MB/s and 1300MB/s.
  • In-house controller & 3D NAND: the in-house controller and 3D NAND give support for the PCIe NVMe interface and DRAM-less configurations.
  • Low power draw: the power consumption is pretty low even when it maintains a higher performance than that of the SATA SSD.
  • WD SSD Dashboard: the dashboard allows you have a real-time control over the capacity, operating temperatures, and SMART attributes or your drive.
  • 5-year limited warranty and the 30-day money back service let you buy and use the drive without worrying.

Color Coding

As is known to all, the Western Digital used to be known around the world as a manufacturer of hard drives. When it started to release SSDs in the consumer space, it applied the color coding system that had been already used in the WD HDDs (look here if you need to complete WD hard disk drive data recovery).

As a budget option, the WD Green SSD is running on a controller from Silicon Motion. It has mainly two features: it has a maximum capacity of 480GB; it provides two types of SATA interface (2.5-inch and M.2 forms).

The WD Blue SSD is also provided with a SATA interface in both 2.5-inch and M.2 forms. Yet, since it adopts a controller from the Silicon Motion, the maximum capacity of it is larger: up to 2TB. So, it is more practical than the Green SSD.

A Cut-down Version of Black SN750

Frankly speaking, the new Blue SN500 SSD is regarded as the cut-down version of the previous Black SN750. Both of them use the in-house SSD controller of Western Digital. Though the interface of the Blue is cut in half, it still enjoys the features of NVMe. That is to say, the new Blue SSD would be as fast as the previous Black SSD in some aspects (for example, the latency). Yet, you should be prepared that the reduced bandwidth may influence the outright performance.

Black SN750

In fact, only one or two NAND packages are used in the drive of Blue SN500. It can be used as an OEM drive in M.2 forms which have a length of 30mm or 42mm. The new WD Blue SN500 drive offers rapid SSD performance on the basis of low latency and fast response. It may be influenced when long and sustained reads & writes are involved. This seems to be bad news for professionals and experts, but it won’t be a taboo in the market in any case due to the 500GB limit.

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