To optimize the players’ experience, Western Digital just releases Western Digital Gaming Drive Accelerated SSD which allows user to store more games and load them more quickly. The following are details about this SSD.

Your Xbox One may be immovable, but your game may be able to do it. The game players can store the game on the external mobile device and then connect the mobile device to another device to load the games. Therefore, a mobile device with large capacity and fast loading speed is essential for gamers.

As a fan of the game, the pursuit of speed and fluency is endless. The Western Digital Gaming Drive Accelerated SSD which is released by Western Digital just is useful for game enthusiasts.


The Gaming Drive Accelerated SSD is 5 x 4 x 1.3 inches (127 x 101.6 x 33.03 mm) and weighs 0.2379 pounds (about 124.24 grams).It is a portable SSD so that users can easily put it in their pockets and carry it with them. The SSD also includes an extra “rubber-bumper framing” and three-year warranty for extraordinary protection and peace of mind. This makes it more attractive as a portable game library.


Western Digital (WD) Game Drive Acceleration SSD provides 500GB/1TB (both models match the 3.0 interface) storage capacity. This allows it to store enough games. With WD Gaming Drive Accelerated, for Xbox one, you do not need to delete the games you like on the console to free up room for the new game. The WD Gaming Drive Xbox One SSD with 1TB capacity can store up to 25 games.

This SSD can elevate the speed of loading games. The loading speed of 50 games percent can reach up to 400MB/s. This may help you win the game.

The WD Game Drive Accelerated SSD is compatible with Xbox One S and Xbox One X simultaneously. You can become the leader of the game world and complete the game in a few minutes with integrated cable.

Game Drive Acceleration SSD

Western Digital launched a lot of new SSD last winter. For example, the WD Black Gaming SSD with up to 2TB capacity was launched on January 18 this year. The 1TB model provides a sequence read/ write of 3470 MB/ s and 3000 MB/ s. The radiator emits heat from drive during intense operation compared with the non-radiator version, allowing SSD to run for longer periods of continuous read and write performance.

The Western Digital also adds the Gaming Mode feature to the SSD Dashboard unique to the WD Black Gaming SSD, so that the game player can disable any of the bad features, allowing the user to flexibly disable the low power mode, and keep the SSD at the peak level to achieve a longer duration of execution when uninterrupted, consistent high performance is required.

 WD Black Gaming SS

WD Blue SN500 NVMe SSD launched by Western Digital is suitable for editing, and it provides up to 1700MB/s continuous read speed and up to 1450MB/s (500GB model) continuous write speed. And it is built-in Western Digital internal controllers and 3D NAND. It has better performance and lower price than other SSD.



The official prices of these three solid-state hard drives are shown in the following table (Prices may fluctuate):

WD Gaming Drive Accelerated SSD500GB Model1TB Model
Official PriceNot availableNot available
WD Black Gaming SSD1TB Model2TB Model
Official Price$279.99$529.99
WD Blue SN500 NVMe SSD250GB Model500GB Model
Official Price$53.99$75.99


You can see how hot the WD Gaming Drive Accelerated SSD is from the sales pace. As a full gamer, who wouldn’t be interested in it? You can choose more types of SSD on the official website.

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