This time, we will talk about the Bluetooth issue in Windows June 2019 Updates. It seems that many of you are bothered by it. However, some of you just don’t know what happens and why. Now, read this post to get the truth.

Bluetooth Issue in Windows June 2019 Updates

At present, all the supported Windows versions can use the June 2019 cumulative updates. The main aims of the patches focus on the security improvements. Now, Windows 10 May 2019 Update is receiving KB4503293 which brings up Build 18362.175 and on the other hand, Windows 10 October 2018 Update is receiving Build 17763.557.

It seems that if one of the security improvements which is included in June 2019 updates might break the Bluetooth devices if they do not meet the requirements.

At the same time, we discover that Microsoft has published a new support document quietly to inform that this Windows 10’s latest cumulative update may break the Bluetooth devices if they are outdated.

What does this mean?

Actually, it means that if you are using an outdated Bluetooth device, you will encounter issues when you connect or pair your Windows 10 machine to it.

This issue can happen to all versions of Windows 10, including Windows 10 May 2019 Update and Windows 10 version 1507. It also applies to Windows 8.1. However, Windows 7 is not affected.

How to Fix Bluetooth Problems on Your Windows Computer?
How to Fix Bluetooth Problems on Your Windows Computer?

In this post, we will show you some easy and effective methods you can try to fix Bluetooth problems on your Windows 10/11 computer.

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Microsoft also explains this issue officially as follows:

You may experience issues pairing, connecting or using certain Bluetooth devices after installing security updates released June 11, 2019. These security updates address a security vulnerability by intentionally preventing connections from Windows to unsecure Bluetooth devices. Any device using well-known keys to encrypt connections may be affected, including certain security fobs.

If you are an advanced user who is familiar with the Event Viewer program, you can go to see the following Event Log to see whether your device is affected.

Advanced users familiar with the Event Viewer program can determine whether their device is affected by looking for the following Event Log:

Event Log

The Number of the Affected Devices Is Small

To fix a security vulnerability, Microsoft is going to break some Bluetooth devices. There is a change in the June 2019 Update which is specially designed to prevent connections from Windows to unsecure the Bluetooth devices.

Till now, it is unknown that how many devices are being affected by this update. However, it seems that if the Bluetooth device is using the well-known keys to encrypt connections, the connection between Windows and the Bluetooth is likely to be blocked.

The thing is not that serious. Only a small number of devices are affected by this Bluetooth issue in Windows June 2019 Updates. If you are facing ant connection issues when using the computer, you are recommended to get and install updates for your Bluetooth device.

Other Improvements in This Cumulative Update

The cumulative update for Windows 10 which is introduced in this month does not come with a long list of fixes. The Patch Tuesday update fixes some security bugs in the OS and other first-party apps like Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer as well as other components like Windows Kernel.

As usual, you can enter the Settings app on your computer and then press the Check for updates button to download and install it on your computer. At the same time, you can also delay the update for a limited period of time by entering the advanced settings page.

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