Windows 10 19H1 will come soon. There must be some new features and changes in this big feature update of Windows 10. If you want to know more information about Windows 10 19H1 new features, you can read this post to get them.

Are There Any New Features in Windows 10 19H1?

The next big feature update of Windows 10 is in development now. Some of you may want to know the new features and changes of the new version.

After the release of Windows 10, files deletion issue and some other bugs appeared. Microsoft even rolled back the update to fix the file deletion issue. In this situation, many users suggest Microsoft slowing down the steps of adding new features. Finally, Microsoft has listened to this suggestion.

The name code of the new Windows 10 version is 19H1. There is no real blockbuster new feature in it. But, it does build upon features that have already presented in the OS which should improve the overall OS experience for users.

However, it doesn’t mean that there are no any new features and changes at all. In the following contents, we will show you Windows 10 19H1 new features.

Windows 10 19H1 New Features

A Brand New Light Mode

Some users think Microsoft can make consistent dark and light modes for Windows 10 and finally Microsoft answers these calls with a new light mode. With this light mode, you can switches the dark taskbar, Start menu, Action Center, touch keyboard, popups, and related menus and buttons from dark to light. And this mode gives you a clean and modern feel.

In addition, users can use the light mode on both apps and system interfaces and it is just like how you use the dark mode to theme the apps dark to match the taskbar and Start menu.

The light mode is set by default on Windows 10 Home devices which are Windows 19H1 preinstalled. The dark mode is enabled by default on Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise computers, but they can switch to the light mode if you want to.

How To Enable Windows 10 Dark Mode – Here’s A Detailed Tutorial

A Better Default Layout for Start

Microsoft also makes the Start menu layout simpler. Previously, the default Start menu layout was a loud, busy mess of titles, and most of them were unwanted by the users. From Windows 19H1 on, the Start menu will be simpler with just two groups of 6 apps in one column, showing the essentials first and foremost.

Tip: Start menu not working? You can find some solutions in this article: How Do I Fix Windows 10 Start Menu Not Working Quickly?

More Fluent Design

With the development of aesthetic, Microsoft adds more beautiful Fluent Design language in Windows 10 19H1. Some certain system elements such as context menus and popups features a wonderful drop shadow effect and this effect looks excellent in the new light theme.

Additionally, the just lists and context menus in the Start menu, Taskbar and modern apps feature Fluent Design reveal and acrylic effects, and they can offer a nice blur aesthetic to many areas which uses modern context menu controls.

The login screen is also added acrylic blur, thus, it will look more modern and clean.

Improved Quick Actions in Action Center

In Windows 19H1, users will no longer enter the Settings app to edit what shows up in quick actions. Instead, they will enter a dedicated edit mode which can make the users configure what quick actions are available from within the Action Center.

Windows Sandbox

Windows Sandbox is a new feature in Windows 19H1. Here is some information about it in this post: Windows 10 Sandbox Will Be Launched in Windows 10 19H1.

There are also some other Windows 10 19H1 new features such as updating Windows Update and a new Office hub app. When this new update is released, users can enjoy them then.

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