Late last year, it is reported that Microsoft will released Windows Lite OS. Now, more details about this OS are released and the codename of it is announced as Santorini. If you are interested in this OS, you can get some related after reading this post.

Microsoft Is Working on Windows Lite OS

It is said that Microsoft is working on a lightweight version of desktop operating system. It is reported called as Lite and it is going to be optimised for 2-in-1s, laptops and tablets.

Brad Sams says that the Lite operating system is mainly focused on the likes of affordable 2-in-1s which use the lightweight Chrome OS from Google.

If you are interested, you can read this previous post to learn more information about this new Windows Lite OS: Microsoft Is Working on Windows Lite OS for Laptop Makers to Preinstall.

Till now, we are not sure that whether Windows Lite will be prompted under the brand of Windows. The name Lite here may be a placeholder for internal development and the company will use a totally different name when it brings Windows Lite OS to the market all over the world.

Now, we get a new message says that Santorini is the codename of Microsoft’s new Windows Lite OS.

This truth lightweight OS is able to power the affordable and new form factor devices from the company’s partners. There is a new report shows that Microsoft plans to work on this Windows operating system for these two types of devices including Centaurus and Pegasus.

How about these two devices? To put it simply, the Centaurus devices are devices equipped with dual-screen. On the other hand, Pegasus is a new lineup of laptops which has different configurations or features running the Windows Lite OS.

Microsoft’s Rumoured Chrome OS Killer

Different from Windows 10, Microsoft’s Windows Lite OS is reportedly just very simplified and it aims at a simpler use-case to compete with Chrome OS in the education sector as well as other markets.

Santorini will be the best option for the on-the-go requirements and Windows 10 will still be the best choice multi-tasking and productivity.

Besides, Windows Lite OS is not going to replace any existing version of Windows. And users can’t use it on the desktop. It means that this OS is not designed for desktop. Please note this information.

Additionally, this Windows OS is said to be a really lightweight platform. It has instant-on functionality and can be run on any CPU.

Perhaps, Microsoft will position the OS as a solution for viewing the internet, watching videos, mobility, and lightweight usage. On the other hand, the current used Windows 10 will go on to be served as its multitasking, productivity and enterprise powerhouse.

When Will We See Santorini?

It is reported that Microsoft is going to introduce Windows Lite OS at the Build developer conference in May of this year. If so, it will be the first time for use the see Santorini running on Centaurus and Pegasus.

The experience of Santorini will be different relying on whether it will run on a Centaurus or a Pegasus device. Thus, the OS experience will not be hampered by the different hardware use cases.

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